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Even the most well-cared for vintage motorcycles lose their luster over time, especially on metal parts. 

Brightwork becomes dull with age as small scratches build up and minor pitting develops. Throwing out the age-worn metal part and replacing it with a new one can be costly, especially if replacement parts are rare or no longer being manufactured. Prices for hard-to-get vintage parts can be eye-wateringly expensive. Before you put a sizable dent in your bank account ordering a hard-to-get part, try restoring your motorcycle or ATV’s metal components with Simichrome Polish.

Clean and polish motorcycle metal parts

Developed in Germany in the 1950’s, Simichrome Polish became a favorite of custom bike builders and Harley owners in the 1960s, and has remained so ever since. Simichrome Polish is excellent at keeping brightwork gleaming like a mirror, but its real strength lies in the restorative properties it gives to age-worn metal parts. Unlike the regular polishes you’ll find in your local auto parts store, Simichrome Polish is formulated to clean, polish and leave a protective film on any uncoated non-ferrous metal it’s applied to. These include chrome, aluminum, magnesium, stainless steel, silver, brass, copper and pewter.

Simichrome Polish metal

In the video above, Partzilla’s expert mechanic John Talley took the front wheel off his 1967 Honda CT90 to see what Simichrome Polish could do for it. By applying a small amount to the wheel rim with a rag, the polish cleaned away the ingrained dirt, and removed minor scratches and pitting from the surface. 

Simichrome Polish rust removal

Although not visible to the naked eye, the Simichrome Polish left behind a protective film that sealed the metal against further wear. The difference was remarkable and required nothing more than a little bit of elbow grease to apply.

Simichrome Metal polish before

Simichrome metal polish after

Although Simichrome Polish works wonders on metal, it can’t turn back time. If rust and corrosion have reached the point that much of the chrome plating has flaked off, or the pitting into the stainless steel is deep and extensive, Simichrome Polish can’t restore what’s no longer there. However, for metal parts that are in relatively good shape, it does a great job of cleaning up the surface, smoothing over small pits and making the part presentable again.

Simichrome metal polish Partzilla

Simichrome Polish is available in 1.76oz tubes or 8oz tins. It’s a great addition to any toolbox or garage, and will save you a lot of money if you have metal parts on your motorcycle or ATV that could be restored instead of replaced. 

Simichrome metal polish and restore


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