How to Install Can-Am Defender Side Mirrors

There are countless aftermarket parts for Can-Am side-by-sides, but for side mirrors on the Defender Max, it’s best to stick with the OEM mirror installation kit.

Watch the video above and follow the steps below to install a side mirror on a Can-Am Defender using the OEM kit.

Tools and Parts - Can-Am Defender Side Mirror Installation

NOTE: If you’re installing side mirrors on both the right and left sides, the same part number is used for both sides.

Can-Am Defender side mirror kit

Buy OEM Can-Am side-by-side parts

Can-Am Defender Max Side Mirror Replacement

Step 1. Remove the two T30 Torx bolts where the side mirrors go. 

Can-Am Defender Max side mirror installation

NOTE: The Can-Am side mirror kit comes with all the necessary bolts, so you don’t have to reuse the ones you removed from the machine.

Step 2. Attach the adapters for both the right (R) and left (L) using the two short 16mm M6 screws. Make sure not to cross-thread these screws.

Can-Am Defender UTV side mirror installation

Can-Am Defender side mirror installation

NOTE: The bolts that come with the kit already have threadlocker applied, so you don’t need to add any more.

Step 3. Attach the mirror to the doorframe using the two long 25mm M6 screws. They go in the holes left open when you removed the old screws in step 1. Install both screws evenly before you tighten them down to make sure the alignment is correct.

Can-Am Defender Max UTV side mirror installation

Can-Am UTV side mirror installation

Step 4. Remove the protective film over the mirror and you’re done. 

Can-Am side-by-side mirror installation



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