How to Extend the Life of Your Powersports Vehicle

Got a motorcycle, ATV or UTV? There are several basic things you need to do to extend the life of your machine. Whether your vehicle has two wheels or four, or has no roof or doors, these simple maintenance tips can be applied to pretty much any vehicle.

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Here are some quick tips to extend the life of your motorcycle, ATV or side-by-side so you can get many more years of enjoyment out of our powersports vehicle.

Take Care of Minor Repairs

Parts that aren't working properly can wreak havoc on your machine. When you hear or feel something out of the ordinary, get it checked out. A minor problem can become a major problem down the road. Whether it's a basic maintenance problem or minor damage to a part, take care of the small stuff before it becomes big stuff. 

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Change the Oil 

Motor oil is the lifeblood of your powersports vehicle's engine. Friction and heat are two forces that can wear out the motor. Oil lubricates parts and helps keep the engine cool. Stay on top of oil changes, and make sure to change the oil filter as part of your motorcycle, ATV or side-by-side maintenance. 

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Check Other Fluids

Your powersports machine's engine has other types of oil and fluids coursing through it that require routine attention. Coolant, transmission fluid and brake fluids, among others, can all break down. Change these fluids as needed per the manufacturer's recommendations to extend the life of your machine. 

Clean or Replace the Air Filter

The engine on your motorcycle, ATV or UTV needs to breathe. Fuel also has to mix with air to combust, so your powersports vehicle needs a clean pathway for air to get into the motor. Keep clean air filters in your machine's engine. Depending on your vehicle's needs, you'll either need to clean the air filter and reuse it, or replace it altogether, but it's a basic maintenance task crucial to your machine's engine health.

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Inspect the Tires

Low air pressure in the tires can cause early wear, which can then lead to accidents or premature spending on a new set of tires. Check your powersports vehicle's tire pressure periodically, and know how to inspect for wear on the tires to make sure they've got enough tread depth.

Wash Your Powersports Vehicle

It's a pretty simple rule: keep your machine clean. Road grime can eat at paint, and dirt and mud can do some real damage when they get up inside the engine and other components. Give your motorcycle, ATV or UTV the TLC it deserves, and give it a bath every now and then with some cleaning supplies.

Keep your Powersports Vehicle Covered 

Whether you're winterizing your motorcycle or just putting it away until next weekend, cover your machine when you're not using it. Garages, carports and covers are all great for keeping your machine protected from the sun and other elements that can wear on it.

Read the Owner's Manual

Every motorcycle, ATV and UTV has an owner's or service manual, so pay attention to it. Regular maintenance is the best way to extend the life of your vehicle, and the manual will provide guidance for a good maintenance schedule to follow for your machine.

Vehicle maintenance tips ride responsibly

Ride Responsibly

Every time you ride your machine, you put stress on its parts. Engines lose their pop when they get pegged on the redline too much. Brakes wear out. Suspensions take a beating when you slam over those bumps. We get it: you want to test your machine's limits, satisfy your need for speed and get your adrenaline rush. Just keep in mind that pushing your machine hard takes a toll on parts, and riding it recklessly puts it at risk of damage from a crash. Take care of your baby.



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