89EE-COMPETITIO-MPH-80181SD Integrated Diffusion-Style Taillights - Shadow

Integrated Diffusion-Style Taillights - Shadow


by Competition Werkes

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Highest quality taillights on the market, now with integrated turn signals.Features the newest technology super-bright LEDs, rated for up to 40,000 hours.Integrated turn signals are built into the taillight, which can be used by themselves or as auxiliary lights depending on local laws.Exclusive security LED stays lit for hours after the bike is turned off, adding visibility and discouraging thieves.OEM connectors, no need to cut or splice wires.For BMW bikes, relays are included in the taillight that replicate the load of the turn signal and prevent the BMW CAN-bus system from dimming the gauge panel or causing CEL faults.Available in Clear Chrome, Stealth (clear with black reflector), blackout (smoke with black reflector) or red (red with black reflector).Includes park light.Tail and brake light functions are DOT compliant



  • Brand: Competition Werkes
  • Manufacturer Item Number: MPH-80181SD
  • Distributor Part Number: Z2017040604


This Integrated Diffusion-Style Taillights - Shadow fits the following models:

Ducati, Street, Monster 1200, 2014

Ducati, Street, Monster 1200, 2015

Ducati, Street, Monster 1200, 2016