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Accelerator AssemblyDrive Train Assembly (SER. # 302246 AND BELOW)Rear Suspension Assembly
Air Intake Assembly (SER. # 302246 AND BELOW)Drive Train Assembly (SER. # 302247 AND ABOVE)ROPS And Taillight Assembly (SER. # 302246 AND BELOW)
Air Intake Assembly (SER. # 302247 AND ABOVE)Engine And Exhaust (SER. # 302246 AND BELOW)ROPS And Taillight Assembly (SER. # 302247 AND ABOVE)
Battery And Starter Motor Assembly (SER. # 302246 AND BELOW)Engine And Exhaust (SER. # 302247 AND ABOVE)Seat Assembly
Battery And Starter Motor Assembly (SER. # 302247 AND ABOVE)Frame And Related Parts (SN# 302246 AND BELOW)Secondary Drive Assembly
Cam Chain AssemblyFrame And Related Parts (SN# 302247 AND ABOVE)Secondary Transmission Assembly
Cargo Box And Tailgate AssemblyFront And Rear Brake AssemblyShifter Assembly
Case/Belt Cooling AssemblyFront Drive Gearcase Assembly (SER. # 302246 AND BELOW)Starter Clutch Assembly
Clutch/V-Belt/Magneto Cover Assembly (SER. # 302246 AND BELOW)Front Drive Gearcase Assembly (SER. # 302247 AND ABOVE)Steering Assembly
Clutch/V-Belt/Magneto Cover Assembly (SER. # 302247 AND ABOVE)Front Suspension AssemblySway Bar Assembly
Console And Floor Panel AssemblyGas Tank AssemblyThrottle Body Assembly
Cooling AssemblyGear Shifting AssemblyTilt Frame Assembly
Crank Balancer AssemblyGrill And Headlight AssemblyTransmission Assembly
Crankcase AssemblyHood/Front Storage And Side Panel AssemblyWater Pump Assembly
Crankshaft And Piston AssemblyMagneto AssemblyWheel And Tire Assembly
Cylinder AssemblyOil Filter/Pump AssemblyWiring Harness Assembly
Cylinder Head And Camshaft/Valve AssemblyRear Drive Gearcase Assembly (SER. # 302246 AND BELOW) 
Dash AssemblyRear Drive Gearcase Assembly (SER. # 302247 AND ABOVE)