899H-CAMSO-9995R Oval Racing Tracks - 15in. x 116in.

Oval Racing Tracks - 15in. x 116in.


by Camso

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Lightest in its class for optimum efficiency and power transfer..Soft outer rubber compound maximizes traction on ice..Multiple lug heights for all snow and ice conditions..Track of choice for multi-time oval winner Jacques Villeneuve..NOTE: Not all tracks can be installed on all sleds without modification. To determine if an optional track is compatible with a particular snowmobile, you must check the bulkhead, tunnel, heat exchanger, and suspension wheel positioning for proper clearance. It is your responsibility to verify that there is adequate clearance for an optional track. Camoplast will not be held liable for accidents or injuries resulting from the use of their tracks. Drive Pitch - 2.52in..Lug Height - .725in..Fully clipped.Window - all open.Application L/R turn soft compound..Weight - 30.5lbs..NOTE: When installing track with taller lug, check clearance between bulkhead and tunnel



  • Brand: Camso
  • Manufacturer Item Number: 9995R
  • Distributor Part Number: Z2014010301


This Oval Racing Tracks - 15in. x 116in. fits the following models:

Kawasaki, Snow, Drifter 340, 1979

Kawasaki, Snow, Drifter 340, 1980

Kawasaki, Snow, Drifter 340, 1981

Kawasaki, Snow, Drifter 340F/A, 1980

Kawasaki, Snow, Drifter 440, 1979

Kawasaki, Snow, Drifter 440, 1980

Kawasaki, Snow, Drifter 440, 1981

Yamaha, Snow, EX340, 1976

Yamaha, Snow, EX340, 1977

Yamaha, Snow, EX340, 1978

Yamaha, Snow, EX440, 1976

Yamaha, Snow, EX440, 1977

Yamaha, Snow, EX440, 1978

Yamaha, Snow, EX440, 1979

Yamaha, Snow, EX440, 1980

Yamaha, Snow, EX440, 1981

Yamaha, Snow, GP440, 1977

Yamaha, Snow, GS340, 1977

Yamaha, Snow, PZ480 Phazer, 1984

Yamaha, Snow, PZ480 Phazer, 1985

Yamaha, Snow, PZ480 Phazer, 1986

Yamaha, Snow, PZ480 Phazer, 1987

Yamaha, Snow, PZ480 Phazer, 1988

Yamaha, Snow, PZ480 Phazer, 1989

Yamaha, Snow, PZ480E Phazer Deluxe, 1987

Yamaha, Snow, PZ480E Phazer Deluxe, 1988

Yamaha, Snow, PZ480E Phazer Deluxe, 1989

Yamaha, Snow, PZ480E Phazer E, 1985

Yamaha, Snow, PZ480SE Phazer SE, 1984

Yamaha, Snow, SRX340, 1976

Yamaha, Snow, SRX440, 1976

Yamaha, Snow, SRX440, 1977

Yamaha, Snow, SRX440, 1978

Yamaha, Snow, SRX440, 1979

Yamaha, Snow, SRX440, 1980

Yamaha, Snow, SS440, 1981

Yamaha, Snow, SS440, 1982

Yamaha, Snow, SS440, 1983

Yamaha, Snow, SS440, 1984

Yamaha, Snow, SS440, 1985