899A-WRENCH-RABB-WR101-216 Engine Rebuild Kit

Engine Rebuild Kit


by Wrench Rabbit

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Convenient one-stop shop in a box; nearly all components required for a complete and professional rebuild.Vertex piston kit (standard compression piston, rings, pin and clips).Hot Rods heavy duty crank (stock strokeincludes wrist pin bearing for two strokes).Hot Rods main bearing/ seal kit.Hot Rods transmission bearing kit (includes transmission bearings, output shaft collar and sprocket lock washer).Hot Rods counter balancer bearing kit.Hot Rods water pump bearing and seal kit.Vertex complete gaskets kit, including seals and O-ring kit (covers top and bottom)


Convenient one stop shop in a box! Nearly all components required for a complete and professional rebuild


  • Brand: Wrench Rabbit
  • Manufacturer Item Number: WR101-216
  • Distributor Part Number: WR101216


This Engine Rebuild Kit fits the following models:

KTM, Offroad, 125 SX, 2007

KTM, Offroad, 125 SX, 2008

KTM, Offroad, 125 SX, 2009

KTM, Offroad, 125 SX, 2010

KTM, Offroad, 125 SX, 2011

KTM, Offroad, 125 SX, 2012

KTM, Offroad, 125 SX, 2013

KTM, Offroad, 125 SX, 2014

KTM, Offroad, 125 SX, 2015