86QE-BAKER-DD6-401S DD6 6-Speed Builders Kit (2.94:1 1st Gear)

DD6 6-Speed Builders Kit (2.94:1 1st Gear)


by Baker

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Pre-assembled gearset, ready to easily install, featuring helical cut 4th, 5th, and 6th gears for noise reduction, and straight cut gears in 1st - 3rd for strength in the torque ranges..28 tooth compensating sprocket necessary for maintaining the stock 1st - 5th ratios included. Overdrive is obtained through the primary, reducing the overall rpm in 6th gear by 400-500rpm depending on the application..Roller detent shift drum with fixed spindle, eliminates shimming and misalignment. Finding neutral is very easy with a redundant neutral detent..Shifter pawl assembly with improved geometry for a perfect response. Includes a built in over-shift protection for smooth precise shifting..Gears are manufactured with 8620 hardened gear steel for long life and dependability..120 ft-lb torque capacity, applications that exceed this rating should use the Overdrive 6-speed rated at 165 ft-lb torque capacity..Available with 3.24 1st gear, or 2.94 1st gear..Backed by a 5 year limited warranty.



  • Brand: Baker
  • Manufacturer Item Number: DD6-401S
  • Distributor Part Number: 8211009