85Y9-RAM-MOUNTS-RAM-B-108BU RAM V-Shape Base with 1in Ball for Rails and Yokes

RAM V-Shape Base with 1in Ball for Rails and Yokes


by RAM Mounts

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The RAM-B-108B consists of a 1in. diameter rubber ball connected at a right angle to a v-shaped base. The RAM-B-108B accommodates rails from 1.0in. to a maximum of 2.1in. diameter. To mount the RAM-B-108B base, place the saddle shaped plate on the rail then wrap the metal clamp strap around the rail and plate. Tighten the screw knob on the metal strap with a screw driver until the strap has a firm hold on the rail. The RAM-B-108B is an alternative mounting base for Beechcraft airplanes with a throw over yoke..Included in Kit:.(1) QTY 6in. long metal strap.(1) QTY 8in. long metal strap.(1) QTY 5.5in. rubber strip that supports the metal straps to avoiding scratching or marking of the rail



  • Brand: RAM Mounts
  • Manufacturer Item Number: RAM-B-108BU
  • Distributor Part Number: 717227
  • Weight: 0.35