85BR-EK-CHAIN-520Z3D-120KG 520 Z 3D Premium Chain - 120 Links - Black/Gold

520 Z 3D Premium Chain - 120 Links - Black/Gold


by EK Chain

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3D parts are precisely manufactured, leading to a greater improvement of transmission efficiency, better acceleration and efficient engine work..Features an original special plate with a lightening hole..EK creates a hole on both ends of a pin to lighten the chain without weakening the plate according to computer analysis..The edge-cut inner plate reduces friction and realizes smooth engagement with sprocket..This plate enables the chain to be light, removes mud from the hole and dissipates heat effectively..Chrome plating.Reduced friction.Chromium carbide pin with lighten hole in end.Inner plate with lighten hole.Improvement of transmission efficiency.Dimpled outer plate.Edge-cut inner plateWeight per 100 links.520Z= 3.64 lb



  • Brand: EK Chain
  • Manufacturer Item Number: 520Z3D-120KG
  • Distributor Part Number: 6931420BK
  • Color: Black/Gold
  • Marketing Color: Black/Gold
  • Chain Length: 120
  • Chain Type: 520
  • Chain Application: Offroad