3DS3-K-AND-N-HA-1802 High Flow Air Filter3DS3-K-AND-N-HA-1802 High Flow Air Filter
  • 3DS3-K-AND-N-HA-1802 High Flow Air Filter
  • 3DS3-K-AND-N-HA-1802 High Flow Air Filter

High Flow Air Filter


by K&N Engineering

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Million mile manufacturers warranty.

Washable and reusable.

High air flow for increased horsepower and torque.

Designed with less pleats in order to open up the intake tract.

Built with only two layers of special pleated cotton media.

Fits directly into your OEM air box assembly with an OEM-style sealing bead.

Race Spec sport bike filters are designed for closed course competition use only.

Made in the USA.

Designed to provide increased performance.Pleated media provides a large filtration area offering.long service intervals.Multi-layers of woven cotton gauze media offer excellent filtration.Fits directly into OEM airbox with application-specific Sealing Bead to ensure a precise fit.Fuel-management modifications are not required for increased performance.Washable and reusable, pre-oiled and ready to ride.See Parts Unlimited Street catalog for cleaners.Made in the U.S.A. for over 45 years



  • Brand: K&N Engineering
  • Manufacturer Item Number: HA-1802
  • Distributor Part Number: HA1802, 731802
  • Weight: 1.85
  • Height: 3.60
  • Length: 8.50
  • Volume: 0.19
  • Width: 8.40


This High Flow Air Filter fits the following models:

Yamaha, Snow, PZ50 Phazer, 2007

Yamaha, Snow, PZ50 Phazer, 2008

Yamaha, Snow, PZ50 Phazer, 2009

Yamaha, Snow, PZ50FX Phazer FX, 2007

Yamaha, Snow, PZ50GT Phazer GT, 2007

Yamaha, Snow, PZ50GT Phazer GT, 2008

Yamaha, Snow, PZ50GT Phazer GT, 2009

Yamaha, Snow, PZ50MT Phazer Mountain Lite, 2007

Honda, Street, VTX1800C, 2002

Honda, Street, VTX1800C, 2003

Honda, Street, VTX1800C, 2004

Honda, Street, VTX1800C, 2005

Honda, Street, VTX1800C, 2006

Honda, Street, VTX1800C, 2007

Honda, Street, VTX1800C, 2008

Honda, Street, VTX1800F, 2005

Honda, Street, VTX1800F, 2006

Honda, Street, VTX1800F, 2007

Honda, Street, VTX1800F, 2008

Honda, Street, VTX1800N, 2004

Honda, Street, VTX1800N, 2005

Honda, Street, VTX1800N, 2006

Honda, Street, VTX1800N, 2007

Honda, Street, VTX1800N, 2008

Honda, Street, VTX1800R, 2002

Honda, Street, VTX1800R, 2003

Honda, Street, VTX1800R, 2004

Honda, Street, VTX1800R, 2005

Honda, Street, VTX1800R, 2006

Honda, Street, VTX1800R, 2007

Honda, Street, VTX1800R, 2008

Honda, Street, VTX1800S, 2002

Honda, Street, VTX1800S, 2003

Honda, Street, VTX1800S, 2004

Honda, Street, VTX1800S, 2005

Honda, Street, VTX1800S, 2006

Honda, Street, VTX1800T, 2007

Honda, Street, VTX1800T, 2008