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The Yamaha FZ6 is a sharp looking motorcycle and its performance is every bit as good as its appearance. The handling alone is worth the admission price, but the FZ6 is packed with hidden gems. Take the brakes for example, which were developed and proven on the R6 supersport bike, and can stop the FZ6 on a dime. The FZ6's engine is also from the R6, although in a slightly detuned format that removes some of the savagery but adds to the drivability. Provided you stick to the recommended maintenance schedule and replace the serviceable parts with OEM Yamaha FZ6 parts, your FZ6 should continue to perform at its peak, and if you remember to clean and polish it on a regular basis it will look as slick at the day it rolled out of the dealer's showroom.

When you need OEM FZ6 parts is the only place to be. We carry thousands of genuine OEM parts for all 2006 FZ6 models. The page you are currently on is for FZS6XCB parts, but you will find the other FZ6 models on the 2008 main page. To date we have fulfilled over 3 million orders and helped countless Yamaha owners care for and maintain their motorcycles. If you need Yamaha FZ6 parts at discount prices, make your one-stop shop.