Why Does My Yamaha Raptor Have No Spark?
Got a Yamaha ATV with everything plugged in but no spark? John Talley offers tips for a Yamaha Raptor with this problem.
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Yamaha ATV Fuel and Air Problems Q&A
Powersports pro John Talley answers a couple of Yamaha ATV (YFZ450 and Raptor 700) fuel and air problems for our live Q&A viewers.
Yamaha Raptor ATV Clogged Air Filter
Can a clogged air filter in a Yamaha ATV cause revving problems? John Talley answers this question for a Yamaha Raptor that went underwater.
Yamaha ATV Electrical System Problems Q&A
John Talley answers questions about Yamaha ATV electrical problems for the Raptor and YFZ450 models.
Yamaha ATV Repair Q&A
John Talley answers questions about Yamaha Raptor, Grizzly and YFZ450 ATV repair.
How to Build a Yamaha Raptor 700 Engine
How to build the bottom end of a Yamaha Raptor 700R engine: step-by-step guide with video. 
How to Set Yamaha Raptor Timing and Adjust Valves
Follow this simple step-by-step guide to set the cam timing and adjust the valve lash on a Yamaha Raptor. 


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