Should I Buy an ATV or UTV?

ATVs vs UTVs: They're both fun to ride, but which type of vehicle should you get your kicks on? Here's a guide to help you decide whether you should buy one, the other or both! 

Wednesday April 24th, 2019
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How to Size Polaris RZR Bearings

Need to size the crankshaft bearings on your Polaris RZR 900XP? Grab the Polaris owner's manual and follow these steps.

How to Install a Brush Guard on a Kawasaki Mule UTV

Enhance your Kawasaki Mule with a brush guard to give your UTV a more rugged look. These easy-to-follow steps show you how to get it done!

How to Install Valves on a Polaris RZR 900XP

Installing Polaris RZR 900 valves requires a little time, and a valve spring compressor. See how to get it done here.

How to Remove the Bed on a Polaris RZR

Underneath and behind the bed of your Polaris RZR 900XP are areas you might need to work on that require the bed's removal. Be prepared for when a job requires it by following these basic RZR bed removal steps. 

Polaris Ranger Transmission Fluid Change

Every 1,000 miles or 100 hours of use is how often you should change the transmission and drive fluids on your Polaris 900XP Ranger. Here's how to do it in minutes!

Polaris RZR 900S Transmission and Gearcase Fluid Change

Changing the transmission and gearcase fluids on your Polaris RZR 900S is recommended by the manufacturer every 100 hours or every 1,000 miles. Listen to Polaris, and follow these easy steps to get it done in minutes! 


How to Set Polaris RZR 900 XP Cam Timing

If you want your Polaris RZR to perform at its peak, you should always make sure the cam chain timing of the engine is correct. Here are some steps to set the correct cam chain timing for your Polaris UTV.

How to Change the Oil in a Polaris RZR Turbo

Got a handful of minutes to spare? Change the oil on your Polaris RZR Turbo! Here's how to get it done. 

How to Install Polaris RZR 900XP Clutch

Installing the clutches on a Polaris RZR 900XP is a quick job. Here's how to install both the primary drive clutch and the secondary driven clutch for your Polaris UTV.

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