Why Was My Polaris ATV Burning Oil?
If your Polaris ATV is burning oil and fouling up spark plugs quickly, take a peek in the airbox and do a leak down test.
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Why is My Polaris ATV Overheating?
What could be causing your Polaris Sportsman 850XP to overheat? Did you check the thermostat?
Why Does My Polaris ATV Rev But Not Move?
When a Polaris Sportsman revs up but doesn't move on acceleration, it might be time to inspect the drive belt. 
Why is My Polaris ATV Squeaking So Badly?
Got a Polaris ATV that's squeaking badly when it bounces up and down? John Talley says you might have to re-grease the zerk fittings.
Polaris ATV Oil Pressure Issue Q&A
What can high oil pressure damage on a Polaris ATV? John Talley weighs in on high oil pressure affecting a Polaris High Lifter engine.
Polaris ATV: Primary or Secondary Clutch?
Drive clutch or driven clutch? It can get confusing. John Talley answers a question about which clutch could be causing rev problems on a Polaris ATV.
Polaris Sportsman ATV Dirty Airbox Q&A
An ATV with heavy dirt buildup in the airbox could need a new cylinder and piston rings. John Talley weighs in on what could be causing black soot buildup in a Polaris Sportsman airbox.
Polaris Sportsman Brake Bleed Q&A
How do you bleed the brakes on a Polaris Sportsman? John Talley answers questions about bleeding Polaris ATV brakes.
4 ATVs Perfect for Mudding
Not all ATVs are great for mudding, but these four quads are champs at powering through sludge.
Polaris ATV Brake Bleed: Front or Back First?
When bleeding the brakes on a Polaris ATV, do you start with the front or back brakes first? John Talley answers this question about a Polaris Sportman ATV.


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