Foam Filter Oil: What to Use
What oil should you use for the foam air filter of your powersports machine? Here's a quick read about foam air filter oils. 
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Why is My Motorcycle Backfiring?
Why is fire coming out of your motorcycle's exhaust? Running too rich or too lean could cause motorcycle backfires, but that's not all.
How to Clean Foam and Fabric Air Filters
Cleaning reusable foam and fabric powersports vehicle air filters is easy. Here's how to clean and oil reusable air filters.
6 Motorcycle Parts That Need Frequent Replacement
What parts of a motorcycle need to be changed out regularly? Here are 6 motorcycle parts that need to be swapped out frequently.
How a Wet Air Filter Affects Engine Performance
What happens to a powersports motor if the air filter gets wet? That depends on how soaked the air filter actually gets.
How to Replace Yamaha YZ450 Fuel Pump
Steps and video on how to install a new fuel pump onto a Yamaha YZ450 dirt bike.
How Long Should I Let Fuel Sit in a Carburetor?
How long should fuel be allowed to sit in a powersports vehicle's carburetor? Partzilla's John Talley weighs in on how long fuel should stay in a carb.
Honda ATV Only Runs on Choke Q&A
What could be the problem when a Honda ATV only runs on choke? Our Honda ATV expert Jonh Talley weighs in on a Rubicon that only runs with the choke on.
How to Tell if a Powersports Vehicle is Running Rich or Lean
How can you tell if your powersports machine is running lean or rich? Here are some ways to find out.
Polaris Sportsman ATV Dirty Airbox Q&A
An ATV with heavy dirt buildup in the airbox could need a new cylinder and piston rings. John Talley weighs in on what could be causing black soot buildup in a Polaris Sportsman airbox.


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