How to Change a Yamaha V-Max Air Filter 

Your motorcycle's engine needs to breathe in fresh air just as much as you do. The cleaner and fresher that air intake is, the better your Yamaha motorcycle will perform. 

A dirty air filter can do a number on your motorcycle's engine if you leave it in there long enough. This means you need to change your Yamaha motorcycle's air filter on a regular basis. Fortunately, changing it out on a 1985-2007 V-Max only requires a screwdriver and a handful of minutes. 

Watch the video above and follow the steps below to learn how to change the air filter in a Yamaha V-Max motorcycle.

Tools and Parts - Yamaha V-Max Air Filter Change


Yamaha motorcycle air filter

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NOTE: This step-by-step guide is for all Yamaha V-Max models produced between 1985 and 2007. 

Changing a Yamaha V-Max Air Filter

Step 1. Remove the top cover by unlocking the latch to the rear left and lifting the cover off.

Yamaha V-max air filter change

Step 2. Remove the six Philips screws holding down the air box cover. Next, lift the cover off and set it behind the coolant reservoir. 

Yamaha V-Max air filter airbox cover

NOTE: You don't need to disconnect the breather tube on the air box cover.

Step 3. Lift out the old air filter by hand and discard it. 

Yamaha V-Max old air filter

Step 4. Manually install a new air filter.

Yamaha V-Max new air filter installation

Step 5. Reinstall the air box cover and tighten down the six screws.

Yamaha motorcycle air filter change

Step 6. Reinstall the top cover and you're done.

Yamaha V-Max new air filter installation

NOTE: Don't forget to remove the key from the cover's latch.

If you're doing overall maintenance on a Yamaha motorcycle and are ready to change out the brake pads, watch the video below to learn how to replace the front brake pads on a Yamaha V-Max.



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