Yamaha R1 Unit Spotlight

The YZF-R1 is a perennial powerhouse in the Yamaha motorcycle stable. With more than two decades of history, multiple generations of R1 motorcycles are tearing it up on the streets. 

Yamaha YZF-R1 motorcycle spotlight

The Yamaha R1 packs a powerful punch among literbikes, with a number of aftermarket options to add even more power to this already potent machine. And with a few tweaks here and there, the YZF-R1 is an apex motorcycle on the track. While it’s not cheap, it gets you as much bang for your buck as you’ll find among the wide range of Japanese superbikes. With traction control, launch control and power modes, the rider has several options to manage horsepower on this nimble package. 

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The addition of a ride-by-wire throttle gives riders more nuanced control in all conditions, and the onboard electronics to keep the motorcycle stable allow you to challenge this strong, quick-handling machine with any riding style. 

The YZF R1’s roughly 1000cc, liquid-cooled, inline 4-cylinder engine rides on an aluminum frame hung on a fully-adjustable suspension. Anti-lock brakes keep this 201kg motorcycle under control. You’ll need it with a motorcycle that’s working with approximately 200 BHP and more than 80 foot-pounds of torque. Its 55.7-inch wheelbase is a tick bigger than earlier versions, but the longer wheelbase hasn’t sacrificed any of the sure-footed handling that’s the hallmark of this reliable superbike.

Yamaha R1 motorcycle spotlight

The YZF-R1 is a beast, and an upgraded R1M version comes equipped with carbon-fiber fairing that shaves off some weight, placing this spectacular motorcycle in full race trim. Whether you choose the stock bodywork or upgrade to the carbon version, this motorcycle’s low drag helps it cut through the air with cool efficiency, sipping from its 17-liter fuel tank. 

Steady evolution and improvements in design and performance have made the YZF-R1 a favorite on both track and street. With options to improve performance from its impressive stock specs, this Yamaha bike is a near race-ready creation with a high ceiling for more power and even better handling. 

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