Yamaha Majesty 400 Oil Change

If you want your Yamaha scooter to stay healthy, keep up with the maintenance schedule and change the oil regularly. An oil change for a Yamaha Majesty scooter can be done in just a handful of minutes. 

Watch the video above and follow the steps below to change the oil in a Yamaha Majesty 400.

NOTE: We changed the oil in a 2008 Yamaha Majesty scooter, but the steps are the same or similar for all Yamaha scooters and motorcycles

Yamaha Majesty 400 scooter oil change

Tools and Supplies – Yamaha Majesty 400 Oil Change

  • Ratchet
  • 8mm, 12mm sockets
  • Torque wrench

Buy Yamaha 10W-40 motorcycle engine oil

Buy Yamaha scooter oil filter

How to Change the Oil in a Yamaha Majesty 400

Step 1. Run the engine for a minute to warm the oil, which makes it less viscous and helps it drain faster.

Step 2. Remove the oil fill cap/dipstick from the right side of the crankcase to allow the engine to vent properly, and also for the oil to drain faster.

Yamaha Majesty oil cap dipstick

Step 3. Put a drain pan under the engine, then remove the 12mm drain bolt and crush washer from the lower-left rear side of the crankcase and let the oil drain out.

Yamaha Majesty scooter oil drain bolt

Step 4. Inspect the crush washer and replace it if necessary. Next, reinstall the drain bolt and crush washer and torque them to 14.5 foot-pounds.

PRO TIP: The crush washer should be replaced after every 3-4 oil changes regardless of its condition to prevent leaks from the drain bolt.

Step 5. Move the drain pan underneath the front of the crankcase, then remove the three 8mm oil filter cover bolts and the cover itself. Inspect the O-ring inside the cover and replace it if necessary.

Yamaha Majesty scooter oil filter cover

Step 6. Remove the old oil filter and install the new oil filter.

Yamaha Majesty scooter old oil filter

NOTE: Pay attention to the direction the old filter is facing and install the new filter facing the same direction. 

Yamaha Majesty 400 new oil filter

Step 7. Reinstall the oil filter cover and tighten the bolts to about 7.5 foot-pounds.

Step 8. Fill the engine with 1.8 quarts of 10W40 motor oil

Yamaha Majesty 400 oil change

Step 9. Reinstall the oil fill cap/dipstick, then start the engine and let it idle for half a minute to circulate the oil within the engine. Next, shut off the engine and let it sit for a minute to allow the oil to settle.

Step 10. Remove the oil fill cap/dipstick and wipe it clean, then set it into the fill hole without screwing it in. Take the oil fill cap/dipstick out again and read the oil level, then top off the oil if necessary and you’re done. 

Yamaha Majesty scooter oil change level

NOTE: Always make sure the scooter is level when checking the oil level.

As noted, the steps for changing the oil in a Majesty 400 are the same or similar for all Yamaha scooters and motorcycles. However, if you want to see an oil change done on a newer model Yamaha motorcycle, watch the video above to see how to change the oil in a 2015 Yamaha Bolt



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