Why Clean or Replace Your Motorcycle’s Air Filter

If you own a motorcycle, you should know by now that cleaning or replacing the air filter is one of the most important basic maintenance jobs you can do. 

Dirt bike air filter cleaning

A motorcycle’s air intake is essentially the lungs of the machine.  If the engine isn’t getting enough clean air because the air filter is dirty or clogged, it’ll lose power and performance. Regularly cleaning and periodically replacing your motorcycle’s air filter keeps your bike “breathing” properly, so to speak.

Benefits of Cleaning a Motorcycle Air Filter

As the name implies, the air filter filters the air entering the motor to remove dirt and dust particles, which can build up to the point that not enough air passes through the filter for the engine to run properly. 

Motorcycle air filter cleaning

The conditions you ride your motorcycle in determine how often you should clean your bike’s air filter. For example, you may only have to clean the air filter in a street bike once a month, whereas the air filter in a dirt bike should be cleaned after every ride. Regularly checking the air filter enables you to discover tears in the filter that allow harmful particles into your bike’s engine. Replace paper air filters often, or clean your motorcycle’s reusable foam or fabric air filter frequently to protect the engine and improve gas mileage, which of course saves you money.

Fabric Air Filters vs Paper Air Filters

Fabric and foam air filters can be cleaned, oiled and reused, whereas paper air filters are only made for one-time use. 

K&N motorcycle air filters

Fabric air filters also offer better airflow and performance than paper filters, which is why many riders replace the stock paper filter with a high-flow fabric filter. The fact that fabric air filters are reusable also makes them more cost-effective than paper filters, which constantly need to be replaced. If you’re going to get a reusable foam or fabric air filter for your motorcycle, make sure it’s compatible with your bike and that it’s manufactured by a reputable brand.

K&N is one of the most renowned and respected reusable air filter brands in the powersports vehicle industry. Watch the video above to learn more about K&N air filters and how to clean and oil them


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