Why Are Motorcycle Fairings So Expensive?

“They’re just plastic or fiberglass, so how expensive can they be?” Motorcycle fairings can be really expensive to replace, and you may be surprised as to why.

Why motorcycle fairings are so expensive

For starters, motorcycle fairings aren’t easy to make, and they’re also expensive to ship. Here’s a quick guide to the cost of replacing motorcycle fairings. 

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How Motorcycle Fairings Are Made

Most motorcycle fairings are made in one of two ways: compression molded or injection molded. Compression molded fairings can be a little cheaper because of a less expensive manufacturing process, but they can suffer from fitting issues. 

Yamaha motorcycle fairing

On the other hand, injection molded fairings have a more precise fit, but the molds used to create them are expensive, and that gets baked into the price of the fairing itself.

Motorcycle Fairing Shipping

Shipping costs are a killer with motorcycle fairings. We’re talking big parts in big boxes, so the shipping can be prohibitive if you’re not buying locally.

Cheap Motorcycle Fairing Strategies

You can cut the costs of replacing fairings by choosing the aftermarket kind. There are pros and cons to choosing aftermarket parts, but one of the big advantages is the price. 

Aftermarket motorcycle fairings

However, the lower cost of aftermarket fairings increases demand, so you may need to do some hunting to find what you need. Another way to cut costs is to look for unpainted fairings. On average, the price difference between a finished and unfinished fairing is about $600. A painted fairing can vary wildly in price depending on if it’s a custom job, stock trim, or multiple colors. 

Honda motorcycle fairings

Everything is a tradeoff, so the more expensive OEM fairings might offer you a more precise fit and the exact colors you want, but aftermarket (especially unfinished) motorcycle fairings can save you some cash, if you’re willing to look and wait for them.



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