Water in Motorcycle's Fuel System

When water gets into a motorycle's fuel system after washing the bike, can it cause damage to the spark plugs? Perhaps, and you may need to clean the fuel injectors as well.

Partzilla's motorcycle expert John Talley does live Q&As on our YouTube channel every Friday at 3pm Eastern, and in this session, John was asked whether water in a motorcycle's fuel system could affect the spark plugs. 

Water in motorcycle fuel system spark plug

Water in Motorcycle's Fuel Tank - Spark Plugs

I have a Yamaha R6 that I washed, then I started the bike and found out that water got into the tank. Can the spark plugs be damaged because of the water? 

John Talley: I could potentially see that if you’re saying it sucked it into the fuel system. And what may be happening is the viscosity of the water is a little bit thicker than fuel, so it may be stopping up the fuel injectors. So you may have to pull the fuel rail and flush it out as well before it’ll start acting right. And I know that Motion Pro makes a fuel injector cleaner that’s just a small machined aluminum device where you put the injector on there and use regular carb cleaner along with the battery to activate the injector itself. And you need to spray through it. It sounds like you may need to do that.

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As John mentioned, when water gets in a motorcycle's fuel system, it could potentially affect the spark plugs and may also call for cleaning out the fuel injectors. In the video below, John shows you how to clean clogged fuel injectors with a fuel injector cleaning kit from Motion Pro. 

Watch the video above to see how to clean motorcycle fuel injectors.

Need to check the spark plugs in your motorcycle? In the video below, John shows you how to inspect the spark plugs on a motorcycle to see if there's a problem, as well as how to test and replace a spark plug.

Watch the video above to see how to inspect, test and replace motorcycle spark plugs.

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