What's a Good Price for a Used Honda TRX400?

The TRX400 is one of Honda's most popular and sought-after ATVs. But what's a good price for a used Honda TRX400? Our resident powersports expert John Talley gets a lot of TRX400 maintenance and repair questions during his weekly live Q&A sessions.

John livestreams on our YouTube channel every Friday at 3pm Eastern, and in this edition, he was asked what a good price would be for a used Honda TRX400. Here's what John had to say about a fair price for the ever-popular TRX400 ATV.

Used Honda TRX400 pricing

Used Honda TRX400 Price

What’s a good price for a Honda 400 EX? I was looking for 2002-2008’s and where I live they go for $3000.

John Talley: That’s probably a fair price. The ones that I looked at were anywhere from $2500 to $3500. It really depends on the condition, but the real trick with those is that you can’t tell how many hours you have on them. I’m pretty sure we did a short video of what to look for when buying a used ATV. One of the telltale signs, which I think I mentioned in the video is that when you pull the dipstick, go ahead and smell the oil. Was it changed recently? Were they just being that fastidious about their maintenance or were they trying to hide something? But look at the dipstick and see if it has a burnt look to it or if old oil has been there for a long time. That’s usually the giveaway, so take a look at that very carefully when you go take a peek at it. 

Buy Honda GN4 10W-40 oil

Buy Honda HP4 10W-40 oil

As John mentioned, we did a video on what to look for when buying a used ATV, including inspections of the oil, the fuel system, the electrical system, the frame and suspension, and the wheels and tires. 

Watch the video above to learn more about what to inspect when buying a used ATV. 

If you're planning on buying a used Honda TRX400, be prepared to do some maintenance and repairs on it as time goes on. Check out the playlist below to see some maintenance and repair jobs we've done on a 2007 Honda TRX 400EX. 

Watch the playlist above to see Honda TRX400 maintenance and repairs.

Want to see more live repair questions answered? See more motorcycle and ATV repair questions answered here.  



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