Should I Fix My Used Honda ATV?

Is the cost of fixing a cheap used ATV worth it if the dollar amount to make the repairs is too high? That's a question one of our Live Q&A viewers asked when it came to fixing a used Honda ATV.

Our resident ATV expert John Talley goes live every Friday at 3pm Eastern on our YouTube channel, and in this session John gives a viewer his feedback on whether it's worth fixing a used Honda ATV bought cheap. Here's what John had to say about doing costly repairs on a used Honda quad.

Used Honda ATV repair

Used Honda ATV Repair

Do you think it would be worth fixing my Honda ATV if it costs more than $600? I bought it used for $1,900. 

John Talley: That depends on what the labor rate is … but consider doing this yourself. I have faith that you can do this. But if you’re that unsure, maybe it’s time to cut your loss and see if somebody else wants to take on your project. Maybe it’s time for you to go ahead and sell this one. You need to go back and watch a video that I did on how to buy a used ATV, because it sounds like you need to spend a little more time looking one over before you dive into it. 

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If you're considering buying a used ATV, UTV or motorcycle, there are things you should inspect before and after you buy. Watch the video below to see how to evaluate a used ATV, plus tips from John on how to bring an old machine back to life.

Whether your Honda ATV is new or used, you need to keep up with regular maintenance, and repairs will eventually be needed. One of the most popular Honda ATV models is the TRX400. Watch the playlist below to see our extensive collection of Honda TRX400 ATV repairs, including an oil change, a clutch replacement, brake repairs and a top end rebuild.

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