Gear Up! Tips for Motorcycle Commuting

It can save you time, and it'll almost certainly save you money. When gas prices creep up to around three bucks and beyond, commuting to work by motorcycle looks better and better. 

Getting to work by motorcycle presents its own special challenges. Changing seasons, cold temperatures, and precipitation can change the whole experience, and make you question whether it's worth it to save the gas money. Having the right gear and a little bit of foresight makes things much easier, so here are some tips for motorcycle commuting to put you in business for the long — or short — haul, day after day.

Have the Right Motorcycle Commuting Gear

When you're on your motorcycle, just a little dip in temperature can really change the way it feels out on the road. What you wear and how you kit out your motorcycle can make a big difference. Start with what you're wearing to make the biggest change without touching your motorcycle.

Winter Motorcycle Apparel

Layering is the key to staying comfortable. It gives you flexibility to shed some of your gear when things get toasty, and it also provides spaces between the layers to trap heat when you need it. A good base layer made of wool or a warm technical fabric is a great way to start. 

Heated motorcycle jacket

Once you get to an outer layer, you'll want something that can keep out wind and rain on the worst days, but also offers some breathability when things are a little better. You can even get heated motorcycle jackets that draw from the motorcycle's electrical system to keep you warm. A neck warmer is also a good idea: cold air can find all sorts of ways to find your skin when you're on the motorcycle.

Cold Weather Motorcycle Gloves

Your hands can be particularly vulnerable on the motorcycle. Unfortunately, the wrong gloves can actually make things worse by pulling heat from your hands and radiating it away from the skin. Good cold weather riding gloves will keep your hands warm, and just like with jackets, you can get heated motorcycle gloves to give you warmth through your bike's electrical system on the coldest days. 

Cold weather motorcycle gloves

Heated Motorcycle Grips

For the same reason you might consider heavy or heated gloves, heated motorcycle grips would also be a good idea.They're easy to install on most machines, and they offer another way to keep your extremities warm while you ride. 

Heated motorcycle grips

Motorcycle Bags

If you have a computer or other things you need to transfer from home to work and back again, saddlebags for your motorcycle might offer a solution. They come in a number of configurations to fit on a wide range of machines, and they'll offer a great option now that you're in a place where you can't just throw everything in the in back seat.

motorcycle luggage bags


More riding means more miles and more wear on your motorcycle. Know how to check tire wear on your motorcycle. You'll also want to keep tabs on the health of your battery, especially if you're running heated accessories like grips, jackets, or gloves. They will place an additional wear on your electrical system.


Yuasa motorcycle battery


What to Keep at Work

Keep an extra pair of shoes and gloves at work, just in case. And you know what else you're keeping at work for several hours a day? Your motorcycle! So make sure there's a safe, secure place to park it.


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