Talley’s Pick’s: Pivot Works Bearing Kits

When Partzilla’s own powersports pro John Talley decided to tackle a complete rebuild of a 2005 Honda CRF450R motorcycle, he chose suspension bearings kits from Pivot Works.

Pivot Works bearings kit

The entire rebuild was done with a mix of OEM Honda motorcycle parts, as well as a mix of aftermarket parts. Pivot Works offers a variety of comprehensive quality kits that include all of the bearings, washers, gaskets, grease, etc. to help make this mammoth of a rebuild project possible without having to order each individual part. Here are a few of the Pivot Works bearing kits that were used by John during his CRF450 rebuild, as well as what he says about each one. 

Pivot Works Linkage Bearing Kit

The CRF450 was in desperate need of a shock linkage rebuild, as there was a lot of play in the shock, and some of the bearings were seized up. The Pivot Works linkage bearing kit restores handling and suspension control lost due to worn or rusted linkage components. This kit comes complete with all the bearings, pins, collars and seals manufactured to OEM specifications for a perfect fit. 


Pivot works linkage bearings kit


John Talley: Now this particular section that we're rebuilding is actually available from a kit from Pivot Works, and inside of this kit they have all the seals, and the bearings, and the spacers, the grease... everything that you're going to need to completely rebuild that lower pivoting section. Pivot Works has a great reputation, so that's what I've decided to go with.

Pivot Works Swingarm Bearing Kit

The rear end of the CRF450 was also in bad shape, calling for a replacement of the swingarm bearings. Pivot Works kits like the swingarm bearings kit are as comprehensive as it gets, addressing often neglected swingarm and linkage areas. This kits includes all of the parts needed for this portion of the rebuild project, made from OEM quality materials for an exact fit.


Pivot Works swingarm bearings kit


John Talley: So what I went with is a kit from Pivot Works, and this is a very comprehensive kit with all the washers, and the bearings, and the needle bearings, and the spacers, the seals ... everything that you're going to need to do this. In my opinion, this is really high quality. One part number, we know it's all going to work together, and it's going to be everything that we need to accomplish it.

Pivot Works Shock Bearing Kit

After replacing the linkage bearings and the swingarm bearings on the CRF450, next up were the shock pivot bearings. The Pivot Works rear shock bearing kit used on this project includes two Teflon spherical bearings, four seals and all related components to rebuild both ends of the shock absorber.


Pivot works shock bearings kit


John Talley: All right guys, so what I've decided to go with is a kit from Pivot Works. Now with this kit, you get both the spherical bearing that goes at the top of the shock, as well as the lower bearing. 

Pivot Works is known for making OEM quality parts at attractive aftermarket prices. Instead of spending a lot of time and extra money looking for individual parts, try Pivot Works rebuild kits instead. You can find them here on Partzilla.com. Just search your vehicle’s make and model and see if there’s a Pivot Works kit available to cover your rebuild needs. 



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