Talley’s Picks: Motion Pro Bearing Driver Set

The Motion Pro bearing driver set was designed with powersports vehicles in mind. Japanese machines in particular have lots of different bearing sizes, and this bearing driver set makes it easy to adapt to the variety.

Buy Motion Pro wheel bearing driver set

The Motion Pro wheel bearing driver set fits bearings with 12-25 mm in diameter, as well as 32-47 mm. Its adapters can be configured easily to accommodate a wide range of bearing combinations. It comes with a durable steel handle and anodized aluminum drivers that can be used with a hammer or shop press. Also, it has laser-etched adapters for easy identification, and comes with a handy protective blow-molded case. 

Motion Pro wheel bearing driver tool

Here’s what Partzilla’s resident pro John Talley says about the Motion Pro bearing driver set:

John Talley: This Motion Pro kit from my toolbox gets used a lot. Now what makes this bearing driver set special is that it’s geared toward the powersports industry. When you look at most of the bearing driver sets that are available out there, they usually don't address some of the smaller bearings that are frequently found inside of powersports engines. This set addresses that gap. They did a lot of research before they put this little kit together. The really cool part about this one is that it’s configurable in so many different variations. Very, very well thought-out design here. And because all of these different attachments are made out of aluminum, it makes it safe to use on a tapered bearing. I've been using Motion Pro tools for several years and they really hold up well. 

If you spend enough time working on powersports vehicles, the Motion Pro bearing driver kit is a must. Watch the video above to learn more about Motion Pro’s bearing driver set. 


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