How to Remove a Stripped Bolt from a Yamaha ATV

How do you get a stripped hex bolt out of the gear box rear end of a Yamaha Grizzly ATV? Our powersports experts John Talley and Garrett Sifford offer advice to one of our viewers on how to take on a stripped bolt.

John goes live on our YouTube channel every Friday at 3pm Eastern, and in this edition, he and special guest Garrett offered their tips on how to remove a stubborn stripped bolt from a Yamaha ATV. 

Stripped bolt how to remove

Yamaha ATV Stripped Bolt

What's the best way to get a stripped hex bolt out of the gear box rear end on a 2013 Yamaha Grizzly?

John Talley: There are a couple of different techniques for this. And it’s a little bit barbaric, but what I’ve done in the past is either, if it’s a metric 6, then I would go to a standard 5/16th.

Garrett Sifford: Basically go up one size.

John Talley: Go up one size and just hammer it in there with a bit you don’t care about, because it’s going to damage it. Typically that, or going to a Torx type bit. A bigger Torx, driving it in there and basically creating a new surface for it to grab on. And then when you actually get it driven in there, use an impact screwdriver to pop it loose. Now hopefully the combination of those two will get it out of there for you.

Garrett Sifford: They also make some easy-outs too, that are kind of cylindrical and you can tap them into place. I’ve used those to get out bolts before. And if all that fails, another thing you can try, which is really barbaric, but break out your Dremel tool and grind a flat spot into the bolt and then get a really large flathead screw on that impact driver.

John Talley: One more. Cut a notch in it to the outside, and then use a chisel and try to turn it that way. 

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Watch the video below for garage hack tips from John on how to remove broken bolts.

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