Polaris Ranger 900XP Wheel Bearings Change

Replacing a wheel bearing on a Polaris Ranger 900XP requires a couple of specialist tools to get the job done. Those tools and our Polaris Ranger 900 XP exploded parts diagrams will help you get this job done.

Watch the video above and follow the steps below to learn how to change the wheel bearings on a 900XP Polaris side-by-side.

See the parts diagram: Polaris Ranger 900XP front wheels parts

Tools and Parts - Polaris Ranger 900 XP Wheel Bearing Replacement

  • Bearing driver set
  • 15mm - 27mm sockets
  • Hammers
  • Side cutters
  • Needlenose pliers
  • Circlip pliers
  • 3/8th socket
  • Breaker bar

Polaris Ranger ball bearing

Honda contact-brake cleaner

How to Remove Polaris Ranger 900XP Front Wheel Bearing

Step 1. Break loose the lug nuts, then raise the front of the Ranger and remove the wheel.

Step 2. Remove the cotter pin, castle nut, and the two beveled washers from the axle.

Polaris Ranger 900XP front wheel bearing removal

Step 3. Remove the brake caliper assembly by taking off the two caliper bolts. Zip-tie the assembly out of the way so it isn't suspended by its rubber brake line.

Polaris Ranger 900XP brake caliper assembly

Step 4. Remove the steering arm from the hub assembly by taking off the cotter pin and bolt.

Polaris Ranger 900 XP steering arm hub assembly

Step 5. Remove the suspension A-arms from the hub assembly by taking off the top and bottom bolts. Lever the upper and lower A-arm ball joints out of the hub assembly.

Step 6. Pull the hub assembly away from the Ranger to draw the axle through the hub assembly, and remove the hub completely. If the axle is stubborn, break it loose from the hub by tapping it with a dead-blow hammer.

Polaris Ranger 900XP wheel bearing replacement

Step 7. Separate the hub from the brake rotor, and remove the circlip that secures the wheel bearing from the hub.

Polaris Ranger front wheel bearing circlip

Step 8. Place the hub over a cup, and put a bearing driver over the bearing. Use a press to push the old bearing out of the hub.

How to Replace Polaris Ranger 900 XP Front Wheel Bearing

Step 1. Thoroughly clean the inside of the hub where the bearing sits, and coat the lining with red threadlocker.

Polaris Ranger front wheel bearing hub

Step 2. Use a bearing driver wide enough to press on the outer edge of the wheel bearing, and press the new wheel bearing into the hub until it's fully seated, then reinstall the circlip

Polaris 900 ATV front wheel bearing replacement

NOTE: Don't use a bearing driver that will press on the wheel bearing's inner race.

Step 3. Clean and grease the axle splines, then reconnect the hub to the rotor assembly, and slide the hub/brake assembly back over the axle.

Polaris Ranger 900 hub/brake assembly

Step 4. Push the upper and lower ball joints back into the hub assembly, and reinstall the upper and lower A-arm bolts. Torque the bolts to 42 foot-pounds.

Polaris Ranger front wheel bearing replacement

Step 5. Reinstall the steering arm into the hub assembly. Torque the bolt to 40 foot-pounds, and replace the cotter pin through the bolt.

Polaris Ranger front steering arm assembly

Step 6. Reinstall the brake caliper assembly. Put blue threadlocker on the caliper bolts, and torque them to 30 foot-pounds.

Polaris Ranger 900XP brake caliper assembly

Step 7. Reinstall the two beveled washers (with the bevels facing inward), the castle nut and the cotter pin on the axle. Have someone sit inside the Ranger with their foot on the brake to prevent the hub and axle from rotating as you torque the castle nut to 80 foot-pounds.

Polaris Ranger 900 XP front wheel bearing change

Step 8. Reinstall the wheel and lug nuts, then lower the Ranger and torque the lug nuts to 120 foot-pounds.

This walkthrough focused on replacing the front wheel bearings on a Polaris Ranger. Replacing the rear wheel bearings is a similar process. Just follow these same steps and use the Ranger 900 XP exploded parts diagrams for guidance.