How to Replace Polaris Ranger Front Brake Pads

When your Polaris Ranger UTV brakes often and hard, it's no surprise the front brake pads need regular inspection and replacement. 

If you've never changed your Ranger's front brake pads, this guide will help you get it done in 13 easy steps.

Tools and Parts Needed - Polaris Ranger 900XP Front Brake Pad Replacement


  • Ratchet and extensions
  • 15mm, 19mm sockets
  • 5mm Allen
  • C-clamp
  • Pick tool
  • Torque wrench


Replacing Polaris 900XP Ranger Front Brake Pads

Step 1. Lift the Ranger up on jack stands and remove the front wheels.

PRO TIP: The Polaris Ranger 900XP weighs in at about 1,400 pounds, so don't trust a jack alone to hold it up while you work on it. If you don't already own a sturdy set of jack stands, we recommend getting them before working on your UTV.

Polaris Ranger 900XP front brake pads change

Step 2. Unscrew the 5mm brake pad adjustment screw. You can either leave it backed most of the way out or remove it completely.

polaris 900XP ranger front brake pad adjustment screw

Step 3. Remove the two 15mm caliper mount bolts, and pull the caliper assembly up and off the brake rotor.

polaris ranger 900xp front brake pad replacement

Step 4. Retract the brake pistons back into the caliper housing by putting a C-clamp over the brake pads, and pushing the pads and pistons below them down into the caliper.

PRO TIP: Alternating from piston to piston and pushing them back in evenly makes the job easier.

Polaris Ranger 900XP brake pistons

Step 5. Push the caliper mount back against the caliper housing so you can slip the old brake pads off their caliper pins.

Polaris Ranger XP brake pad change caliper mount

Step 6. Pull the caliper mount off from the caliper housing and remove the two rubber brake boots.

Polaris Ranger 900 front brake caliper

Step 7. Clean the caliper mount, caliper housing and brake boots with brake/contact cleaner. Inspect the boots for splits, tears or wear, and replace them if necessary.

Polaris Ranger XP front brake pad caliper mount

Step 8. Install the brake boots into the caliper housing and pack them with waterproof high temperature grease. Also, grease the caliper mount pins and slide the caliper mount back onto the caliper housing.

PRO TIP: Use a pick tool to ensure the brake boots are properly seated in their channels in the brake housing and brake caliper.

Polaris 900XP Ranger brake pad replacement calipers

Step 9. Install the new brake pads over the caliper pins and into the brake caliper.

Step 10. Slide the caliper assembly and new pads back over the brake rotor, and reinstall the two caliper mount bolts. Torque the mount bolts to 30 foot-pounds.

Polaris Ranger front brake pad replacement

Step 11. Pump the brake pedal a couple of times to seat the brake pads and the caliper assembly, then reinstall the brake pad adjustment screw. Put a drop of red threadlocker on the adjustment screw, tighten it in until it bottoms out, then back it off by half a turn.

Polaris Ranger 900XP brake pad replacement

Step 12. Repeat Step 2 through Step 12 for the brake pads on the other side. 

Step 13. Reinstall the wheels and torque the lug nuts to the correct specifications. Torque to 120 foot-pounds for aluminum wheels or 60-foot pounds for steel wheels. If you don't have a torque wrench that goes as high as 120 foot-pounds, torque the lug nuts to 30 foot-pounds and then give them an additional quarter turn with a breaker bar.

Polaris Ranger 900 front brake pads change

Now that you've replaced the front brake pads in your Polaris Ranger 900XP, you're going to need to bed them in. To do this, take your Ranger up to about 30mph, then gently slow it down on the brakes to a standstill and repeat this five or six times. Once you've done that, the job is done and your Ranger should be able to stop on a dime.



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