Polaris ATV Drive System Fluids Change 

The driveline fluids in a Polaris ATV should be changed every 50-75 runtime hours. This quick maintenance task is simple: three fluids, four locations and a few bolts.

Polaris ATV drive system fluids

Here’s a quick guide to changing the drive system (transmission and differential) fluids in a Polaris ATV. 

NOTE: The front differential and front gearcase are the same thing.

Supplies – Polaris ATV Differential Fluids Change

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How to Change Polaris ATV Front Differential Fluids 

Find the drain bolt on the bottom and the fill bolt on top of the gearcase to drain and replace the fluids in the Polaris ATV’s front differential. Place a drain pan underneath the gearcase and remove both plugs with an 8mm Allen wrench, then allow the old transmission fluid to drain out. 

Polaris ATV differential fluids change

NOTE: Don’t lose the O-rings for the plugs..

Reinstall the drain plug, and use a hand pump with a small tube to add Polaris Demand Drive Fluid (about 10 ounces) into the filler opening until fluid starts to overflow. Next, replace the fill plug

Polaris Demand Drive fluid change

How to Flush Active Descent Control Fluids on Front Gearcase

The active descent reservoir is at the top of the machine, under the front storage box. Remove the front storage box by releasing the two anchors inside the box and lifting the box out.  

Polaris ATV active descent control fluid change

Next, remove the center plastic cover by unscrewing the two Torx head bolts and pulling the cover straight toward you. Remove the yellow cap on the right and the rubber seal underneath it, then fill the reservoir to the rim with Polaris Demand Drive Fluid. 

Polaris Sportsman ATV active descent control fluid change

Polaris Sportsman ATV active descent control fluid change

NOTE: Make sure the reservoir never runs dry during this process.

Locate either of the bleeder valves (one on each side) under the ATV and attach a piece of quarter-inch tubing to one bleeder valve. Use a wrench to open the valve up, making sure the tubing flows into a drain pan. 

Polaris ATV gearcase fluids change

As fluid flows out of the bleeder valve, keep the top reservoir continually filled to the rim with Demand Drive Fluid (about 4.5 ounces total). Once you’ve flushed about 4.5 ounces through the system, close the bleeder valve, top off the reservoir, and replace the rubber seal and yellow cap. Next, replace the plastic cover and the storage case.

Polaris ATV Transmission Fluid Change

When changing the transmission fluid on Polaris ATVs, remove the left rear tire and rear skid plate for better access, then place the drain pan underneath the transmission.

Polaris ATV drive fluids change skid plate removal

Polaris ATV drive fluids change fill and drain bolts

Remove the drain bolt and fill bolt, making sure your Allen wrench is all the way in these bolts when removing them to not strip them out. The transmission fluid will drain out onto the front skid plate and into the drain pain through the holes in the plate.

Polaris Sportsman drive fluids change fill and drain bolts

Check the magnet inside the drain bolt for shavings from the transmission, then clean it off and replace it once all of the fluid has drained.

Polaris ATV drain bolt gearcase lubricant change

Use a hand pump to replace the old fluid with about 37 ounces of Polaris AGL Gearcase Lubricant (one full bottle, plus 3-4 ounces from another bottle). Next, replace the fill bolt and drain bolt, torqueing each to approximately 12-14 foot-pounds.

Polaris ATV AGL gearcase lubricant change

NOTE: You’ll know it’s full when fluid starts to spill out of the opening. 

Polaris ATV AGL gearcase lube change


Change Rear Differential Fluid on a Polaris ATV 

The last step to wrap up the driveline fluid change is replacing the fluid on the Polaris ATV rear differential. Locate the fill (lower) and drain (upper) bolts on the left side of the differential. Place the drain pan underneath the differential and loosen both bolts. 

Polaris ATV rear diff fluid change

Polaris Sportsman ATV rear diff fluid change

Check the drain bolt for metal shavings and remove them from the drain bolt,then tighten it back in place after the fluid drains. 

NOTE: Make sure to include the rubber O-ring for a good seal.

Use the hand pump to fill the rear differential with Polaris Angle Drive Fluid, then replace the fill bolt and you’re done.

Polaris ATV transmission gearcase fluids change

As always, dispose of all your old fluids responsibly by taking them to a local recycling center. Never dump old fluids in the trash or down storm drains.

Ready to see a drive system fluid change on a Polaris ATV in action? Watch the video above to see how to change the gearcase fluids in a Polaris Sportsman 850 XP


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