Partzilla Live Q&A with John Talley – December 18, 2020

Welcome to the last edition of Partzilla Live Q&A for 2020, with John Talley answering your motorcycle and ATV repair questions. 

John will be back in 2021, but this one wraps up Partzilla Live Q&A for what has been a most unusual year.  ATV questions once again dominated the conversation, including Honda, Yamaha and (surprisingly) a couple of Can-Am questions as well. Check out excerpts from Partzilla’s latest live Q&A session below, and tune into our YouTube and Facebook channels on Fridays at 3pm Eastern for the next edition.

Partzilla Live Q&A with John Talley 12-18-20

Partzilla Live Q&A – ATV Questions and Answers 

ATV Electrical Problems

My brother’s ATV battery wouldn’t keep charge, so I replaced it with a new one and it held charge for a couple of uses but again will not hold charge. Has the battery gone bad already?

John Talley: I seriously doubt it. What you’re probably running into is something with the charging system. And we have multiple videos that walk you through determining if it’s the stator … or if it’s going to be your regulator-rectifier, and I could tell you 9 times out of 10, it’s going to be the regulator-rectifier. 

Yamaha or Can-Am ATV?

Which would you recommend for ease of maintenance, a Yamaha Grizzly 700 or a Can-Am Outlander XMR?

John Talley: Out of those two machines, I lean more toward the Grizzly 700. Its design has been around for a long time and Yamaha has a winner with that one, there’s no doubt. We did a series of videos on the 700 and it’s really simple to work on. It’s a very solid machine, so I would lean toward the Grizzly 700.

Honda ATV Problems

I had some mouse problems with chewed wires on my 2007 Honda Rancher 420. I taped the damaged wires and replaced the battery, but the bike wouldn’t start even though I could hear the solenoid clicking. The lights work but the engine won’t turn over. Do you think I need a new starter?

John Talley: Well, you asked the right question at the right time. We just did that exact testing procedure on the TRX 420 that’s behind me. And I believe it was released yesterday or today … go there and see how I walk you through step-by-step how to determine if it’s your wiring, or the starter, or the solenoid or maybe even the battery

Could a blown head gasket in a TRX 400 result in a power loss? 

John Talley: Yes, because basically an engine is an air pump. … If it’s leaking, then it’s not going to be producing power like it’s supposed to be. I’m pretty sure we did a top end rebuild on the 400 EX … if you would, go back and look at the playlist for the 400 EX. We did a full teardown and rebuild on the top end of it. 

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