Partzilla Live Q&A with John Talley – December 04, 2020

John Talley is back after a brief hiatus for another Friday edition of Live Q&A, taking on your motorcycle and ATV repair questions. 

Once again, Honda ATV questions dominated the conversation. However, quite a few questions about Partzilla and personal questions for John shared the spotlight with Honda ATVs. To change things up a bit, we highlighted some of those questions here. Check out excerpts from Partzilla’s latest live Q&A session below, and tune into our YouTube and Facebook channels every Friday at 3pm Eastern for the next edition.

Partzilla Live Q&A John Talley 12-04-20

Partzilla Live Q&A Highlights 

Partzilla Q&A

Can I come visit where you’re located?

John Talley: At this time we don’t allow any types of tours. We’re actually in the middle of making some pretty big changes, doing a small addition that I can’t really elaborate on yet. But I would bet in the future, especially once we get this Covid situation under control, I would imagine the upper management team would be open to letting some people come through on, let’s call it a “VIP status”. We will take that under consideration, because this is a really well-thought out operation that I’m blessed to be a part of …  

Can I get a job at Partzilla?

John Talley: Well, go check out our main website [], I believe you can do a search that way and see where we are hiring. They may be looking for another presenter back here to replace me [laughs]. 

What’s the best budget digital multimeter available to buy for testing motorcycle and ATV electrical components?

John Talley: Well there are a whole bunch of different ones out there, and I know we have a couple of multimeters on our site. As far as what their capabilities should be, you want the typical,  it doesn’t have to be hyper accurate. You just want voltage, whether it has AC or DC resistance, capacitance, but you also want to make sure that it can do diode testing if you’re going to look at your regulator-rectifier, or testing a diode of course. 

How do I go about finding a vendor for certain things like oil or spark plugs, etc?

John Talley: Well, we carry oil and spark plugs and etc., so I would consider using Partzilla as your vendor. If you’re looking for larger quantities, I know that we handle that as well. We actually get them from the different manufacturers, up to 55 gallon drums and the shipping may be a little tall for us to get it to you, but … the commercial side of our team can work with you …

John Talley Q&A

Do you think it would be worth fixing my Honda ATV if it costs more than $600? I bought it used for $1,900. 

John Talley: That depends on what the labor rate is … but consider doing this yourself. I have faith that you can do this … But if you’re that unsure … maybe it’s time to cut your loss and see if somebody else wants to take on your project. … Maybe it’s time for you to go ahead and sell this one. … You need to go back and watch a video that I did on how to buy a used ATV, because it sounds like you need to spend a little more time looking one over before you dive into it. 

How many 4-wheelers do you own? 

John Talley: At this point in time, two. But not for much longer because my son is about to graduate from college and he can maintain his. I’ll sign it over to him, so one.

What’s the best quad in your opinion? 

John Talley: The one that makes you happy. … It depends on what you’re going to do with it. I have my own personal preferences as far as the machines I like. On the utility side, Honda TRX either 350 or 420. Always liked the 350, still own one. On the moderate sport side, TRX 400EX. On the full-blown race side, the YFZ450R, no doubt. But that’s just my preference. Whatever you’re riding that you enjoy, then that’s your favorite. Don’t be swayed by somebody else. Ride what you like, or what you have, or be happy with what you have. 

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