Partzilla Live Q&A with John Talley – November 12, 2021

John Talley returns for another edition of Partzilla Live Q&A, answering your motorcycle and ATV repair questions.

Our latest live session was dominated by Honda motorcycle repair questions. Check out some excerpts from Partzilla’s latest live Q&A session below, and tune into our YouTube and Facebook channels every Friday at 3pm Eastern for the next edition. 

Partzilla Live Q&A with John Talley 11-12-21

Partzilla Live Q&A Highlights – Honda Motorcycle Repair

What if I change the stator and the regulator on my Honda CBR and it still turns off when I take the battery off? 

John Talley: You have to have the battery in there. The machine can’t run without it. It’s generating a charge to charge the battery, but that battery is basically a storage cell so you can’t just take the battery off once the machine is going. If you’re thinking that your stator or your regulator rectifier is going bad, just do a static test or running test on it. First do a static test to see if you have about 12 ½ volts and then start it up, rev it up a little bit and you should be getting 13 ½ , maybe 14 ½ .

When is it necessary to reset the ECM on a Honda Goldwing? Should it be done after each spark plug change and/or oil change? And, how do you reset the ECM? 

John Talley: I’ve never had to reset the ECM on a Goldwing. Granted, it is a sophisticated system, and it pretty much has a learning dynamic as far as adjusting the fuel trim, and it learns as it goes by using its O2 sensors to see what’s going on with its O2 gasses. But as far as doing a reset to zero, I wouldn’t do that. I mean, provided you don’t have any air leaks and your plugs are in good shape, it basically learns the environment that you’re running the machine in. And then you’re basically saying alright, we’re going to start this process over again by relearning or resetting the trim values. Now, if you had one at sea level or you were moving up to the coast or up to the mountains somewhere, I could probably see resetting it but I’ve never had to before, especially on the Goldwing, which is a pretty quick learner. So I don’t think it’s necessary. 

What’s the right way to break in a new Honda CBR650R? 

John Talley: Actually, I did a video on how to break in, or rather my opinion on how to break in different machines, whether they be sport, ATV, cruiser or whatever … Granted, I have my own opinions and that’s all that it is. And I put no weight behind it as far as comparing it to what other people do. It’s what I prefer to do. I run them pretty hard straight out of the box. And I’ve had good luck with that, because I truly believe most of your break-in happens within the first 10-50 miles, in my opinion. Most importantly the rings, and getting them to seat correctly.

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