Partzilla Live Q&A with John Talley – July 02, 2020

Welcome to a special Thursday, pre-4th of July edition of Partzilla live Q&A, with master technician John Talley answering more of your motorcycle and ATV repair questions. 

Motorcycles overheating seemed to be the (no pun intended) hot topic of the week. A few questions about riders experiencing unusual cooling system or overheating problems are highlighted below. Check out excerpts from John Talley’s latest live Q&A session, and tune into our YouTube and Facebook channels every Friday at 3pm Eastern for the next edition.

Partzilla Live Q&A with John Talley 07-02-20

Partzilla Live Q&A Highlights – Motorcycle Cooling System/Overheating Problems

Suzuki Motorcycle

I have a 2008 Suzuki GSXR-1000 that spills coolant from the overflow hose coming from the reservoir after a hard ride. Do I have air bubbles?

John Talley: Air bubbles, possibly, but I’m wondering if you’re having a little bit of a flow issue, because it shouldn’t be spitting this out so easily. The GSXR is a performance machine and you should be able to ride it hard without it putting too much overflow into the reservoir … that’s what it’s there for. … So you may have air bubbles, but I would flush out the system and refill it. Make sure it’s clean and your thermostat is up-to-date or has been replaced recently. When it’s over 4-5 years old, it’s probably time to go ahead and pop one in there, and it would be a great time when … doing a flush, to go pop in a new thermostat because they don’t cost that much, and that’s one less thing that could be causing a problem with your machine. 

Yamaha Motorcycle 

I have a 2016 Yamaha R6. I was at a stop light in first gear and the bike stalled on its own. What do you think this could be? It wasn’t a hot day and the fans were on. 

John Talley: When you say “stalled”, are you telling me it just shut off? And it wouldn’t start again? I guess that could be overheating, and that could cause it to shut down. So it’s a ’16, that’s coming up on 4 years old. Maybe it’s time to do a coolant flush on this one. If you would, reference one of our videos. I haven’t done a coolant flush on an R6 but it’s basically the same process as far as draining it out, and running a flushing agent through there a couple of times and then refilling it. It may be time to do so on yours, especially if the fans are working.

Honda Motorcycle

I have a 2009 VT750C2 Honda Shadow. I changed the clutch ring set, but I’m getting high temperature in heavy traffic. I feel the clutch is loose and I need to adjust the cable in order to disengage the clutch from the transmission. Is this normal behavior?

John Talley: No, as it heats up, that shouldn’t be an issue. I wonder if you just have it a little too tight from the get-go, and you need a little bit of time to break in a clutch. Give it at least 50-100 miles … Let it get seated in, let the clutch plates wear in. There’s basically a burnishing process, almost like breaking in a new set of brake pads. You’ve got fiber going against metal and there needs to be a little bit of a transference before they really start to engage properly. … don’t hammer it too hard and then reevaluate it but just make sure that you don’t have the clutch too tight from the get-go. 

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