How to Put Your Motorcycle on the Centerstand

Centerstands have become less common on motorcycles these days, excluded in favor of weight savings and better ground clearance. 

motorcycle centerstand

Center stands are a great feature for when you want to work on your motorcycle or to save a little extra room in the garage. For those of you that have this feature on your motorcycle, here's how you use it.

The Setup

You'll want to make sure there is no debris or loose gravel and the area is level. Standing on the left side of your motorcycle, keep a firm grip with your left hand on your left handlebar and use your right foot to step on the center stand foot brace. With your right hand, grab any fixed point on the rear left side of the bike.  A lot of bikes equipped with center stands have a grab handle or rack you can use for leverage.

Getting the Motorcycle on the Stand

Straighten the front wheel and depress the foot brace until the stand touches the ground. Stand your motorcycle up until both sides of the centerstand are touching the ground. If you aren't sure, apply a little more pressure with your foot and rock the bike back and forth a bit until you feel it settle into place.

Now in a fluid motion, put all of your weight on the foot brace, pull back with your left hand and lift up with your right hand. The motorcycle will rock back and lock out on the stand. You don't have to force it. With your weight and a little leverage, it should rock into place. Put your kickstand up. Your bike should be upright and the rear wheel will be off the ground. 

PRO TIP: It's important to note that the kickstand (pictured below) is intended for parking a motorcycle, while the centerstand is intended for working on a motorcycle. Always make sure your kickstand is up and the bike is in neutral when using the centerstand. You don't want any sudden jarring motions when you take the motorcycle off the center stand.

vintage motorcycle kickstand

Taking the Bike Off the Stand

Once you're done with your maintenance or ready to ride again, taking the motorcycle off the center stand is even easier. From the left side of the bike, grab both handlebars and simply push the bike forward. The bike will rock off the centerstand. Once you're on both wheels, apply the front brake and deploy the kickstand. While it might feel a bit awkward at first, with a little practice this motion will become second nature.

Lifting Up a Fallen Motorcycle

Now that you know how to get your motorcycle on the centerstand, do you know how to pick up a fallen motorcycle without hurting yourself? Watch the video below to learn the safe way to pick up a fallen motorcycle!





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