Featured Product: SlackSetter Pro by Motion Pro

Regular maintenance of your motorcycle’s drivetrain is crucial to the safety and performance of the bike. 

Motorcycle chain slack measurement

Checking the chain slack is an essential, yet often overlooked drivetrain maintenance task. Correcting chain slack enables optimum suspension performance, and adds to the longevity of all the drivetrain components.

Chain too loose: Motorcycle will experience chain slap, which is the chain making contact with the swingarm. The chain can also come off a sprocket.

Chain too tight: The sprockets and chain will wear out quicker, and there’s an increased risk of the chain snapping.

Many riders rely on what’s known as the “three finger rule” when checking the chain slack. 

Motorcycle chain tension finger measurement

It happens when riders use only their fingers to measure the slack. Because chain slack length and finger sizes vary considerably, the “three finger rule” is highly inaccurate. This is where the SlackSetter Pro by Motion Pro comes in handy. It’s a simple tool that enables you to accurately measure chain slack in a matter of seconds. The Slacksetter Pro is inexpensive, compact and lightweight, so it’ll fit comfortably in your ride-along tool kit. 

Motion Pro Slacksetter chain tension measurement tool

As with all Motion Pro tools, the SlackSetter Pro is superbly designed with the user in mind. For example, the measuring scale can be rotated so it’s easily readable from any angle, and it includes scales for absolute measurements.

How to Measure Chain Slack with a SlackSetter Pro

Refer to your motorcycle’s owner's manual to determine whether the chain slack should be measured from above or below the swingarm. 

Motorcycle chain slack measurement

Also use the manual to find out the tolerances the chain slack measurement should fall within. Next, measure between the front and rear sprockets to find the midpoint, which is the point from where you should measure the chain slack. Make a mark on the swingarm for the midpoint so you’ll know from where to measure the chain slack each time. 

Measuring chain slack above the swingarm:

Step 1. Place the fork on the sliding arm over the chain, and hold the top of the tool against the upper side of the swingarm.

Motion Pro SlackSetter tool how to use

Step 2. Push the tube up over the measuring scale.

Step 3. Pull the sliding arm up until the chain is under tension while keeping the top of the tool against the upper side of the swingarm.

Motion Pro Slacksetter Pro chain tension tool

Step 4. Read the chain slack measurement on the measuring scale.

To measure the chain slack from below the swingarm, follow these same steps for the underside of the swingarm instead of the upper side. 

The Slacksetter is just one of many Motion Pro chain tools available on Partzilla. Motion Pro manufactures many other superior quality tools as well, including tire tools. Watch the video below to learn more about some of Motion Pro’s high-quality tire tool products.



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