Featured Products: Motion Pro Tire Tools

When it comes to working on motorcycle tires, all tools are not created equal. Using inadequate tools leads to expensive rim damage and incorrectly inflated tires, which is dangerous. 

The right tools always make the job easier and the end result better. At Partzilla, we trust Motion Pro tools when changing the tires on our bikes. Here’s our guide to Motion Pro tire tools we recommend adding to your toolbox.

Motion Pro Rimshield II

Every rider’s toolbox should come equipped with a set of solid rim shields. The Motion Pro Rimshield II is a sturdy protective plate that fits between the tire and the rim. 

MotionPro tire tools rimshields

These rim shields protect the rim from damage when levering the tire bead out from the wheel. These rimshields are especially useful for sport bikes with anodized aluminum wheels that scratch and mar very easily. Motion Pro rimshields are very affordable and will save you hundreds of dollars in wheel repairs or replacements.

Buy Motion Pro rimshields

Buy Motion Pro long steel tire irons

Motion Pro Long Steel Tire Irons

Popping a tire off the wheel of a smaller motorcycle such as a dirt bike or a trail bike doesn’t require a lot of torque and force. For easily removing tires on small bikes, we recommend Motion Pro long steel tire irons. They’re easy to handle, and compact enough to get between the rims and tire beads found on smaller motorcycle wheels. 

Motion Pro tire tools long steel tire irons

Motion Pro BeadPro Bead Breaker Levers

For the larger tires found on sport bikes, touring bikes and other medium-sized motorcycles, you’ll need a tool to break the tire bead loose.

Motion Pro tire tools bead breaker levers

Motion Pro BeadPro tire bead breaker levers are made from aluminum. They’re light and compact enough to keep in your ride-along toolkit, but strong enough to pop the bead off a sport bike rim. These tools are spooned at the opposite end, so they can be used as tire levers to remove the tire from the rim once the bead is broken. 

Motion Pro tire tools extra long steel tire iron

However, we recommend investing in a set of Motion Pro extra long steel tire irons. These tire levers are nicely curved and feature hooked ends that make removing tires much easier. 

Buy Motion Pro BeadPRo bead breaker tool

Buy Motion Pro forged steel tire tool

Motion Pro BeadPro FS Tire Tool

For large wheels and tires used on heavy cruiser bikes, or for riders who use tire levers frequently, we recommend the Motion Pro BeadPro FS tire tool. 

Motion Pro tire tools BeadPRo tire tool

These forged steel tire tools are longer than the standard BeadPro breaker levers, so they generate more breaking force. Since they’re made from forged steel, they’re also pretty much indestructible. The BeadPro Forged Steel tools also have spooned ends, so they too can be used as tire levers.

Motion Pro tire tools bead breaker

These suggestions are just a few of the many tire tools made by Motion Pro, which include tire combo levers in all sizes, air chucks, spoke wrenches, digital and analog air pressure gauges, and wheel weights. 

Motion Pro doesn’t just specialize in tire tools either. Watch the videos below to learn more about Motion Pro’s sag scale and chain alignment tools.

Motion Pro Sag Scale II

Motion Pro Chain Alignment Tool



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