Featured Products: Motion Pro Chain Tools

Motion Pro manufactures an impressive line of tools for all kinds of motorcycle, ATV and side-by-side repairs, many which we have featured in our YouTube videos.

Motion Pro motorcycle chain tools

In this article, we highlight a few of the many chain tools made by Motion Pro that we think you should have in your toolbox for powersports vehicle chain repair, replacement and maintenance.

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Motion Pro Jumbo Chain Tool

When a regular-sized chain breaker tool just won’t cut it, Motion Pro’s jumbo chain tool may be what you need to break and/or make a larger-sized motorcycle chain. 

Motion Pro jumbo chain breaker tool

The jumbo chain tool works on chains up to size 530. When using a regular chain breaker, you would probably need to grind down the head of a larger chain such as a 520 or 530 to be able to push the pin through.  

Motion Pro jumbo chain tool in action

With the jumbo chain breaker on the other hand, you can actually take a large motorcycle chain as it is, apply the jumbo chain breaker tool to it and push the pin through to effectively break the chain.

Watch the video below to see how to use the Motion Pro jumbo chain tool.

Motion Pro Chain Alignment Tool

When you need to align a motorcycle chain, Motion Pro’s chain alignment tool is the right tool for the job. Swingarms often have little hash marks to use as a reference for getting a chain properly aligned, but they're not always accurate. 

Motion Pro chain alignment tool

The Motion Pro chain alignment tool ensures 100% accuracy that the chain is properly aligned and tracking straight. An improper chain alignment can result in the chain and sprocket wearing out quickly. It can also result in your bike not tracking properly, which can be very noticeable on high performance street bikes.

Motion Pro chain alignment tool

The Motion Pro chain alignment tool is completely accurate, inexpensive, easy to use, provides repeatable results, and can be applied to any machine that has a chain and sprocket setup.

Watch the video below to see how to use the Motion Pro chain alignment tool.

Motion Pro Slacksetter Chain Slack Tool

If you've been riding motorcycles for any length of time, you know by now that the chain slack changes almost constantly, and it's very important to get the correct amount of slack. That’s where Motion Pro’s Slacksetter chain slack tool comes in.

Motion Pro Slacksetter chain slack tool

If the chain slack on a motorcycle is too loose, you run the risk of derailing the bike’s chain and potentially damaging its engine cases. And if the chain is too tight, you could end up snapping the chain in half, which of course is incredibly dangerous.  

Motion Pro Slacksetter tool

Motion Pro’s Slacksetter is another easy to use and affordable tool that produces repeatable results. This chain slack tool allows you to take a quick chain slack measurement to make sure it’s correct (and make the necessary adjustments if it’s not) before you head out to the track or trail.

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Watch the video below to see how to use the Motion Pro Slacksetter tool.