Basic ATV-UTV A-Arm Parts Guide

On an ATV or side-by-side, the A-arms do a lot of work. Difficult terrain stresses them out and causes them to travel, so A-arms and their parts do wear out and break over time if left unattended. 

ATV side by side A-Arm parts guide

With that in mind, here’s a rundown of basic A-arm parts so you know what you’re looking at when it’s time to make repairs.

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Pivot Blocks

The pivot blocks are tunnels at the end of the A-arm through which the mounting bolts pass. They actually pivot on these bolts and allow the A-arms to move relative to the frame.

A-arm parts pivot blocks

A-Arm Bushings

These bushings are small plastic sleeves that fit into the pivot blocks and help create smooth, free movement of the A-arm. 

A-arm parts bushings

The bushings are pressed into place (or knocked in with a mallet), and the first sign that they’re worn is feeling some play when pulling on the A-arm while the vehicle is on a jack. Inside of the bushing is a steel sleeve that protects the soft plastic of the bushing from the hard metal of the bolt that connects the A-arm to the frame. 

Ball Joints

These joints are on the front A-arms, and there’s usually an upper ball joint and a lower ball joint. 

A-arm parts ball joints

The ball joints connect the A-arm to the spindle on the wheel, and allow the wheel to travel up and down while remaining vertical in relation to the trail. Over time, ball joints wear down and are vulnerable to breaking if you hit something on the trail. 

Shock Mount

This one is exactly what it sounds like, where the shock mounts to the A-arm. The shock mount can be on the upper or lower A-arm, depending on the specific suspension design of your vehicle’s model. This area is usually reinforced in some way, since it’s a single mounting point that takes on a lot of stress.

A-arm parts shock mount

Sway Bar Mount

Your ATV or side-by-side may or may not have one, but it’s another mount attached to the A-arm. The mount connects the sway bar, which connects the left and right front A-arms together. It helps both sides work in unison to prevent either side from getting too far out of whack with the other, which prevents body roll. The sway bar mount also keeps the suspension from rebounding too roughly after compression.



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