How to Change the Oil on a Kawasaki Z1000

Changing the oil on a Kawasaki Ninja Z1000 at least every 7,500 miles, or once a year, is highly recommended as part of your motorcycle's basic maintenance.

Oil changes for your Z1000 should be done regularly, and could become expensive if you don't learn how to do them yourself. Here's a quick guide to do a Kawasaki Z1000 oil change in a matter of minutes.

Tools and Parts Needed - Kawasaki Z1000 Oil Change


  • Ratchet and extension
  • 17mm socket
  • Oil filter wrench

Kawasaki Z1000 Ninja

Changing the Oil on your Kawasaki Ninja Z1000 Motorcycle

Step 1. Run the engine for a minute to warm the oil and make it easier to drain.

Step 2. Remove the oil fill cap located on the right side of the crankcase. This also helps the oil to drain faster.

Kawasaki Z1000 oil change

Step 3. Remove the oil drain bolt located at the bottom of the crankcase on the left side. Let the old oil drain out completely into a drain pan.

Kawasaki Z1000 Ninja oil change

Step 4. Install a new oil drain bolt washer and reinstall the drain bolt.

Kawasaki motorcycle oil change

Step 5. Remove the old oil filter, located at the lower front part of the engine. If you change your oil filter regularly, you might be able to remove it by hand. Otherwise, use an oil filter wrench and ratchet extension to reach the filter through the front of the belly cowling.

Kawasaki Z1000 oil filter

Step 6. Take a new oil filter and lube its rubber O-ring before installing it.

Kawasaki Ninja Z1000 new oil filter

Step 7. Add 3.5 quarts of Kawasaki performance engine oil and reinstall the oil filler cap.

Kawasaki Z1000 oil change and filter

Step 8. Run the motor for a minute, and then check the oil level in the inspection window just below the oil filler cap. Top off the oil level if necessary and you're done!

Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle oil change

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