Kawasaki KSF80 Transmission Oil Change

A junior Kawasaki ATV like the KSF80 needs regular maintenance just like any adult-sized quad bike, including changing out the transmission fluids. 

Watch the video above and follow the steps below to learn how do a transmission fluid change on a Kawasaki KSF80 junior quad.

Kawasaki KSF80 transmission fluid service

Tools and Supplies – Kawasaki KSF80 Transmission Fluid Change

  • 10mm, 12mm wrenches
  • Length of 1/8th inch hose
  • Torque wrench

Buy Kawasaki 10W-40 ATV-UTV oil

Matrix Concepts oil drain pan

How to Change the Transmission Oil in a Kawasaki KSF80

Step 1. Remove the 12mm oil fill bolt and crush washer from the top of the transmission housing.

Kawasaki KSF80 transmission oil change

Step 2. Position a drain pan under the transmission, then remove the 12mm oil drain bolt and crush washer from the underside of the transmission housing. Drain out the transmission fluid.

Kawasaki KSF80 transmission oil drain bolt

Step 3. Check the crush washers for wear and replace them if necessary. 

NOTE: The drain bolt crush washer should be replaced after every few oil changes regardless of its condition to prevent any leaks from the drain bolt.

Step 4. Reinstall the drain bolt and washer, and torque them to 18 foot-pounds.

Step 5. Remove the 10mm oil level bolt and washer from the side of the transmission housing.

Kawasaki KSF80 transmission oil level bolt

Step 6. Fill the transmission with 2.6 ounces of 10W40 ATV/UTV oil. To do this, fill a plastic squeeze bottle with the oil, connect a length of 1/8th inch hose to the squeeze bottle, then put the hose into the transmission fill hole and squeeze in the oil until it begins to flow out from the oil level bolt hole.

Kawasaki KSF80 transmission fluid change

Kawasaki KSF80 transmission oil change

Step 7. Reinstall the oil level bolt and tighten it until it’s snug.

Step 8. Reinstall the oil fill bolt, then torque it to 16 foot-pounds and you’re done.

Changing the transmission oil on a junior ATV is an easy maintenance job even a kid can do, but it’s not the only one. Watch the video above to learn about some more kid-friendly motorcycle and ATV maintenance and repair jobs



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