In this episode of Fearless Pursuit, Ian Gaines talks about his life as a professional stunt rider, lifelong mechanic and die-hard father of two little ones ripping PW50s. 

From the Gridiron to the Motorcycle

A Texan through and through, Ian's stunt riding career started on a football field in the center of Vanderbilt University. After making his way from running back, to receiver, to defensive back, Ian found himself looking for a new challenge. And that's when his eyes landed on something just outside the field: motorcycle stunt riding. He wasn't looking for it, it wasn't looking for him — and that's always when the magic happens. More than 20 years agoIan walked across that street to learn about stunt riding, and he's never looked back. 

Ian Gaines professional stunt rider

Today, motorcycle riding and powersports are at the center of the Gaines family. Ian, his wife Hanne, and his two kids Zion and Irie, spend their days traveling around the country in a Sprinter van with Ian's name on it, like a modern moto-Partridge Family. The kids cheer from the sidelines while Ian does handstands, burnouts, stoppies and biscuit eaters (IYKYK), in stunt shows and high-profile exhibitions. Then, the next day Hanne and Ian cheer on Irie and Zion as they podium in PW50 races. Sometimes the kids have more than 18 gate-drops in a weekend between the two of them, and Ian and Hanne are there for each and every one.  

Professional stunt rider Ian Gaines children

Passing on the Passion  

For Ian and his family, riding motorcycles isn't just a hobby, or a way to make money, or even a way to bring them together — it's a way of life. He's invested in "passing on the passion" to his kids, and believes his kids learn responsibility, respect, and accountability through powersports. If they break it, they fix it. 

Professional stunt rider Ian Gaines motorcycle repair

Ian does 99% of his own repairs with his kids right by his side to learn. And at the end of the day he asks them, "did you have fun?" Because really, that's what it's all about. 

Professional motorcycle stunt rider Ian Gaines



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