Difference Between O-Ring ATV Chain and Non O-Ring Chain 

How do you tell an O-ring ATV chain apart from a non O-ring type of chain? Finding out whether your ATV’s chain is an O-ring type or not is actually pretty simple.

Watch the video above or read on below for a quick tip on how to tell O-ring and non O-ring ATV drive chains apart.

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O-Ring vs Non O-Ring ATV Chains

If you look at a non O-ring chain from the top, you’ll see how the plates are flush up against the different joints on the chain.

Non O-Ring ATV chain

When you look at an O-ring type chain, you can see little black discs running all the way through it. Those black discs are O-rings, and that's the straightforward way to tell the difference.

O-ring ATV chain

Why Choose O-Ring ATV Chains

O-ring type chains are the preferred chain type to use, especially if you ride your ATV often in harsh environments. 

ATV O-ring chain vs standard chain

That’s because the O-rings in the chain are seals that keep out water, dirt and debris, which makes that type of chain last much longer than a non O-ring ATV chain.

Now that you know a quick way to tell O-ring chains and standard chains apart, you should also know how to measure them. Watch the video above to learn how to measure ATV drive chain length.



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