How to Remove the Seat on a Honda TRX 400

Removing the seat on your Honda TRX is not something to know how to do for the sake of doing it, but rather because you may need to access components and parts underneath it. 

For example, you won't be able to clean or change the air filter on your Honda ATV unless you get the seat off first. Follow the steps below to learn how to remove the seat on your TRX machine.

Honda TRX400 EX Seat Removal 

Step 1. Lift up on the lever that unlocks the seat. The lever is found on the back of the ATV underneath the seat.

Honda TRX400 seat removal

Step 2. Pull the seat toward you as you lift it out to unhook it at the front. 

Honda TRX seat removal

NOTE: You may have to pull on the plastics that wrap around the side of the ATV to get the seat loose.

Step 3. Once you get it clear, just lift the seat off the machine.   

Honda TRX ATV seat removal

Honda TRX400 EX seat removal

How to Replace the Seat on a Honda TRX400

Step 1. To engage the front of the seat, you'll need to line up three contact points. First, there are two hooks that engage with two rubber stoppers, and then there is also a U-shaped slot that must fit over a knob on the ATV. 

Honda TRX400 seat replacement

 Honda TRX400 replace seat

Honda TRX ATV seat slot

Seat replacement Honda TRX400

Step 2. Get the seat back into position on the ATV. Check underneath the front of the seat to see if the hooks and the slot roughly line up with the stoppers and the knob. Next, push the front of the seat down onto the ATV, and then push forward from the rear. This should engage the slot and the hooks.  

Honda TRX 400 seat placement

Step 3. Line up the latch on the back of the ATV, and then push the seat down to lock it into place.  

Honda TRX ATV seat replacement

Honda TRX400EX seat replacement

Now that you know how to remove and replace the seat on your Honda TRX400, you can clean and oil the air filter yourself when the time is right. Watch the video below to see how to get that done! 


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