How to Refill a Wet Cell Battery

Motorcycle batteries aren't exactly cheap, so it's important to maintain them properly and maximize their lifespan, especially the wet cell battery types. 

Wet cell battery refill electrolyte level

Wet cell batteries require a little more maintenance than standard batteries, and they have a vent on them. When wet cell batteries get turned over, they can lose the acid that generates their power. The acid can also dissipate over time. Here are some steps on how to refill a wet cell battery with distilled water to keep it working properly.

Tools and Supplies - Wet Cell Battery Refill


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Refilling a Wet Cell Battery

Step 1.  Use a screwdriver to remove the series of plugs on top of the battery. Be careful not to get any battery acid on your skin while unscrewing the plugs and if you do, wash it off immediately with soap and water. 

Wet cell battery acid refill

Step 2. Place a jug of distilled water above the top level of the battery to siphon water out of it, and run one end of the hose into the distilled water. 

PRO TIP: Run the hose through the handle inside a 1 gallon jug to keep it from popping out. You can also use a turkey baster to get the distilled water from a container into the battery if you don't have a clean hose on hand. 

Wet cell motorcycle battery water refill

Step 3. With one end of the hose in the water, suck on the other end to siphon out the water into the hose. Next, crimp it off with your hand to get the hose end into the cells.  

Motorcycle wet-cell battery refill water

Wet-cell battery how to refill

Step 4. Fill each individual cell with water using the hose end. You want to get the level on each cell between the fill level lines on the battery, which indicates that the fluid has completely covered the plates inside of it. 

Wet cell battery refill top-off

Wet cell battery refill top off cells

Step 5. Once you've filled each of the individual cells on the battery, replace the plugs you removed in Step 1 and you're all done! 

wet cell battery refill replace cell covers

Are you having any other problems with your motorcycle's battery? Watch the video below to learn how to troubleshoot motorcycle battery problems.



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