How to Grease Zerk Fittings on an ATV 

Grease can be good stuff. It keeps parts lubricated, protects them against water and corrosion, and stops dirt and debris from getting in between them. 

The zerk fittings on your ATV, which are also known as grease fittings, benefit from (as the name would imply) some greasing of their own. It certainly helps to own and know how to operate a grease gun. Everything you need to know about greasing the zerk fittings on an ATV can be found in the guide below, as well as our video on how to grease zerk fittings featured above. 

Tools and Parts Needed - Greasing ATV Zerk Fittings 




  • Grease

Grease gun parts

Step 1. Unscrew the barrel from the grease gun.

Step 2. Pull back the spring mounted follower rod, and either twist it or cock it to one side (depending on your grease gun model) to lock the rod in place.

How to load a grease gun steps

Step 3. Insert a tube of grease into the barrel with the foil-sealed end of the tube facing out, and cut away the seal.

Loading a grease gun

Step 4. Screw the barrel back into the grease gun.

Step 5. Release the follower rod so the internal spring can push the follower rod and plunger up against the grease tube.

Grease gun for zerk fittings

How to Use a Grease Gun on Zerk Fittings

Step 1. Press the grease gun's coupler over a zerk fitting.

How to grease zerk fittings

Step 2. Pull the grease gun's handle or lever (depending on your grease gun model) to pump grease into the zerk fitting.

Step 3. Remove the coupler from the zerk fitting, and wipe away the residual grease from the zerk to prevent debris and contaminates sticking to it.

how to grease ATV zerk fittings

When to Grease an ATV's Zerk Fittings

Consult your ATV's owner's manual for the manufacturer-recommended service schedule. However, at the very minimum you should grease your ATV's zerk fittings as follows:

  • After every 500 miles of riding
  • Every time you wash your ATV
  • After the ATV has been submerged
  • Before a long period of storage

When to grease ATV zerk fittings

Where the Zerk Fittings are on Your ATV

The exact number and location of zerk fittings on your ATV will vary from model to model. However, the location of zerks is very similar for most ATVs in general. For example, the zerk fittings on a 2011 Polaris Sportsman 850XP are as follows:

At the forward end of the front propshaft.

ATV propshaft zerk fittings

On the top and bottom of each rear wheel bearing carrier.

ATV rear bearing carrier zerk fittings

On each of the upper and lower front A-arm mounting points.

Front A-arms ATV zerk fittings

On each of the upper and lower rear A-arm mounting points.

Rear A-Arms ATV zerk fittings

Greasing the zerk fittings is part of the process of replacing the ball joints and bushings on a Polaris Sportsman ATV. Watch the video below to learn how to get that job done. 






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