How Do I Get Stuck Brake Caliper Pistons to Pop Out?

Got stuck brake caliper pistons that won’t pop out because you pushed them in too hard? You’re going to need compressed air, and take some precautions for your safety and your hearing. 

Partzilla’s powersports expert John Talley host live Q&A sessions on our YouTube channel every Friday at 3pm Eastern. In this session, John was asked how to get stuck pistons to pop out of brake calipers.

How to get stuck brake caliper pistons out

Brake Caliper Pistons Won’t Pop Out Q&A

I have pushed the brake caliper pistons back too far and now they won't pop out under pressure. Can you help?

John Talley: Wow. What machine are you working with? And you should be able to push them back too far … oh, you mean you can’t grab them? Ok. Yeah, you need air pressure to get them out. That’s pretty much going to be the only way. I follow you now. Find somebody with an air compressor, but I’ll warn you here, put a block of wood or a book or something in where the disc would sit. When these things shoot out of there, it’s going to do it with authority, and by no means should you put your hand down there thinking you’re going to catch it. Because when they pop, it’ll scare you. If you don’t believe me, ask my videographer Tracy. I warned her too, and she jumped so much she dropped the camera! … But yeah, a little bit of air pressure. Don’t hit it all the way, just bring it up slowly and eventually they’re going to shoot out of there. 

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