How to Clean a Honda ATV Air Filter

Most ATV owners operate their machine in harsh riding conditions, which means more dirt and debris make their way into the air filter.

Cleaning the air filter on your ATV is an essential part of its maintenance routine. A dirty air filter hurts performance, and leads to worse problems down the line. Luckily, a lot of air filters are reusable, which can save you some money in the long run if you know how to clean them yourself.

Watch the video above and follow the steps below to clean, oil and replace a reusable Honda ATV air filter.

Tools and Supplies - Honda ATV Air Filter Cleaning


PJ foam filter cleaner kit

Honda ATV air filter

NOTE: We cleaned and oiled the air filter for a Honda TRX400, but the steps for cleaning and oiling a reusable foam air filter are the same or similar for all Honda ATVs.

Removing a Honda ATV Air Filter

Step 1. Locate the latch underneath the rear of the seat that locks the seat in place. Push the lever on the latch to lift the seat and fender assembly off. 

Honda TRX ATV air filter cleaning

PRO TIP: Watch the video below to learn how to remove and replace the seat on a Honda TRX.

Step 2. Find the airbox underneath the seat and open it by removing the six clips (one on each corner and one on each of the long sides) of the box. 

Honda TRX air filter airbox cover

Step 3. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to loosen and remove the hose clamp holding the air filter in place. Wiggle it back and forth and then lift it off.

Step 4. Work the foam air filter off the inner frame of the filter and slide it off. 

Honda ATV air filter removal

Cleaning a Honda ATV Foam Air Filter

Step 1. Inspect the air filter for deep cuts and other damage that might allow dirt to get past the material. If you find any damage to the air filter, you need to get a new foam air filter

Honda ATV air filter cleaning

Step 2. Use a foam filter cleaner spray on the filter to loosen the dirt. Spray it on evenly, then knead it in and then let it sit for about 15 minutes. 

ATV foam air filter cleaning

Step 3. Rinse the filter out in a bucket of water. Gently squeeze the filter as you work it around in the bucket to get the dirt to come loose. 

Honda ATV foam air filter cleaning

Step 4. Let the air filter sit overnight to dry completely before reinstalling it. 

Step 5. Spray the dry air filter liberally with foam filter treatment. Be sure to spray both the inside and outside surfaces of the filter. 

Honda ATV foam filter cleaning spray

Installing a Honda TRX Foam Air Filter

Step 1. Slide the foam air filter back over the inner frame and replace the hose clamp. Make sure the filter's rubber boot covers the top of the inner frame of the filter. 

Honda TRX 400 air filter clean and replace

Step 2. Replace the filter over the air intake by wiggling it back on.

Honda ATV air filter installation

Step 3. Tighten the hose clamp with a Phillips head screwdriver, being careful not to overtighten it. 

Step 4. Replace the top of the air box and clip the six latches into place. 

Step 5. Replace the seat by lining up the front of the seat and then pushing down on the rear of the seat to re-engage the latch. 

Looking for a way to simply change out the air filter on a Honda TRX quad with only minimal cleaning? Watch the video above to learn how to change the air filter on a Honda Rancher TRX 350.


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