How to Change Honda Rancher 350 Oil

An oil change is a simple maintenance job that’s essential to the health of the engine in your Honda ATVPerforming regular oil changes will keep your machine running great for years to come.

Watch the video above and follow the steps below to do an oil change on a Honda TRX350.

Tools and Supplies – Honda Rancher TRX 350 Oil Change


Honda GN4 10W-30 engine oil

Honda ATV oil filter


Honda Rancher 350 Oil Change

Step 1. Run the engine for a few minutes to heat up the oil, which makes it drain out faster.

Step 2. Loosen up the dipstick so that air can get into the engine, which also helps the oil drain out easier. 

Honda Rancher ATV oil change

Step 3. Get a drain pan under your machine, then find the 17mm drain bolt on the centerline of the engine, toward the gearshift. Remove the bolt, and drain the oil into the pan. 

Honda Rancher TRX350 oil change

Step 4. Inspect the crush washer on the drain bolt while the oil drains. Replace the crush washer if it’s worn or damaged.

Honda TRX 350 oil change

Step 5. Replace the drain bolt once the engine oil has drained completely. 

NOTE: Don’t overtighten the drain bolt, just get it snug. Overtightening it will make it very hard to remove next time.

Step 6. Remove the three 8mm bolts holding the oil filter cover in place, followed by the oil filter cover itself. The oil filter cover is next to the dipstick. 

Honda 350 Rancher oil filter cover

PRO TIP: Get a drain pan underneath before you open the oil filter cover, since you’ll probably get some oil leaking out as you loosen the bolts. 

Step 7. Remove the old oil filter, then install the new oil filter

Honda Rancher 350 oil filter installation

NOTE: Make sure the spring behind the filter stays in place in the filter cover and doesn’t pop out with the old filter. Honda labels which side of the oil filter faces out, so you’ll know which way to install the new filter.

Step 8. Replace the oil filter cover, then hand-tighten the 8mm bolts before using your socket and ratchet to tighten each bolt evenly across to avoid leaks.

Honda Rancher ATV oil filter cover change

NOTE: Because of the spring behind the oil filter, you may need to apply some pressure to the cover to thread the 8mm bolts. 

Step 9. Fill up the engine with Honda 10W-30 motor oil through the fill opening on the left side of the engine, opposite the dipstick opening on the right. 

Honda TRX 350 Rancher oil change

NOTE: The Honda Rancher 350 takes a little over 2 quarts of oil, so start off by pouring in just 2 quarts.

Step 10. Run the engine for a few minutes, then check the dipstick to see exactly where the oil level is. Top off the oil if necessary to get the oil level correct. 

Honda Rancher 350 ATV oil change

Step 11. Close the filler opening, tighten the dipstick and you’re done.


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